100 Ideas for Lesson Planning

Lesson planning and preparation is one of the most important aspects of teaching. It is also one of the hardest aspects to learn. Student teachers, for example, often find it difficult to gauge how to pitch or pace a lesson. This book provides solutions.

It not only provides easily understood practical ideas but also sets them in a coherent overall framework based on the ideas that planning and preparation are part of a total cyclical process involving pedagogy, curriculum, learning and assessment.

Planning and preparation are personal matters related to an individual teacher but this does not mean that teachers cannot learn from each other or that thinking about planning and preparation is arbitrary. Coverage includes often neglected areas such as the affective curriculum, language across the curriculum, and homework.

100 Ideas for Lesson Planning

This book covers both planning and aspects of lesson preparation (creating resources, for example). I decided against ‘100 Ideas for Lesson Planning and Preparation’ as a title because it sounds clunky. I hope, however, that the inclusion of preparation as well as planning causes no surprise. I doubt that it will – for teachers, planning and preparation tend to go together (something like hand and glove).

I should say a word about special educational needs. I have dealt with this topic only in a general way. I have not included information about particular special needs. That would require a different book. In preparing this book.

In preparing this book I have been very surprised at how few good sources there are for ideas about lesson planning. The subject accounts for a surprisingly small proportion of educational publishing. I hope this book goes some way towards plugging the gap in provision. My thanks are again due to my editor, the constructive but scrupulous Christina Garbutt.

100 Ideas for Lesson Planning

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