101 Helpful Hints for IELTS (PDF + Audio)

101 Helpful Hints for IELTS (PDF + Audio) will help you to improve your score on the IELTS test.

Download 101 Helpful Hints for IELTS (PDF + Audio)

I would like to share today with you is 101 Helpful Hints for IELTS – providing tips and tips to better study and take IELTS. An interesting book that if you miss, you will lack the useful things to help achieve higher band scores here.

Starting from the simplest notes to the advanced points, 101 Helpful Hints helps you confidently conquer your exam. So what are the interesting points? Let’s refer to offline.

The book is suitable for all students who start studying for IELTS exam, from 4.0 or above because it is written in English and is effective for exam preparation and exam preparation. The book is not for people who have lost their roots and know nothing.


Here, you will not receive lessons with vocabulary or grammar knowledge, but you still have the practice to apply the writing suggestions shared by the author.

  • The first is a general suggestion. What you know and don’t know about IELTS. The author shared from the test what requirements, myths, and facts about this exam. This will be brief information to help you understand the exam. For example, difficulty, exam time, certificate validity …

Next is the information in 3 parts to prepare for the test, during and after the test is done.

For example, you need to specify the desired band score, study according to the plan .. before taking the exam.

During the test, you need to manage the time well, read the questions carefully …

After finishing the test, check your grammar, pronunciation …

  • The second is a useful suggestion for the test, helping you to drill down on each skill and apply effective exercises. For example, with Listening, what do you need to do before starting the Test you already know? Check Keyword how answers appear … are shared details offline. Especially, not only does it share freely, but the author designs the exercises with audio attached, so you can easily refer to them. After that, the author shared another tip right below the exercise, very interesting.

Particularly for the Writing and Speaking articles, there is a reference sample for you to better understand and refer to the knowledge for effective application.

  • Tuesday is the Practice Test. This section provides 4 tests including 2 complete and 2 separate tests for Reading – Writing to help you improve these two sections.
  • Wednesday is an extension, which helps you check answers and expand Speaking Learning Game. In addition, the other extensions add hints for better learners.

So, you have more than 101 useful hints, very good for the orientation of studying and practicing IELTS effectively.

101 Helpful Hints for IELTS

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