11 Secrets to Speaking English Fluently Fast

Today I am going to share with you 11 Secrets to Speaking English Fluently fast, and I really hope that you are going to enjoy reading this article, and it is going to help you to speak English fluently and fast.

Speaking English Fluently With these 11 secrets

Let’s just put it out there – English is an incredibly hard language to learn.

With words having multiple meanings and being pronounced differently in different scenarios, or having multiple words be pronounced the same but be spelled differently and be used in different contexts, it’s a minefield.

Most English people don’t even speak English perfectly. Having said that, speaking English fluently isn’t out of reach for the average learner assuming they are dedicated to learning it.

These eleven secrets will help you break down the barriers and learn English quickly :


1. Use English Speaking Forums:

Join a forum style website. Take some time to read existing threads and once you start to feel confident, join in the discussion by answering other people’s questions or asking your own.

Choose topics you are interested in so that your questions and answers are authentic.


2. Play English Word Games:

You can play games such as Scrabble or complete crossword puzzles – anything that gets you thinking about English words and their meanings.

If your friends don’t share your passion for English and don’t want to play Scrabble with you, there are lots of ways to play online either against a real opponent or against a computer.

Playing games keep learning fun, and if you’re enjoying learning, you’re much more likely to stick to your schedule and learn to speak English fast.


3. Forget About Perfect Grammar:

Perfect grammar is important if you plan to write in a language. For speaking a language fluently, it’s not as important. Learn the basics of sentence structure and that’s all you need.

Remember you are aiming to speak the language fluently, not write it fluently. There’s a huge difference between the two, and not having to learn a whole bunch of complicated “rules” will definitely improve the speed at which you can learn English.


4. Make English a Part of Your Daily Routine:

You will learn English much quicker if you make it a part of your day. Speak English whenever you can, think in English, listen to English music and read English media.

This constant reinforcement will keep your English skills at the forefront of your mind and will help you to expand on them without even realising that you’re doing it.


5. Talk to Native English Speakers:

If possible, try to visit the UK, or somewhere where English is the first language. Talk to the locals and learn from them.

This might seem a little embarrassing at first in case you make a mistake or you can’t understand what’s being said to you, but it’s worth it because you will learn so much more about the practical application of the language then you ever will in a classroom environment.


6. Take an Online Course:

Taking an online course such as The Fluency Course or a Rosetta Stone program can help to keep you focused as it gives you a reason to show up and concentrate on your learning. Learning alongside other people keeps you accountable, and a bit of healthy competition with other learners can also make the learning process a bit more fun too.


7. Watch Videos, TV Shows and Movies in English:

Start out by watching TV shows and movies in English with the subtitles set to your native language.

Follow the dialogue and try to pick out the key words. Do this a few times and then watch without the subtitles and see if you can work out what is being said.

Another option is using YouTube videos. You can make this doubly useful by watching videos on how to improve your English speaking skills as you translate.


8. Listen to the Language:

Try listening to an audiobook or a podcast that interests you. Think about what the words mean, but also use this time to learn about how the words sound and how they fit together to form coherent sentences..


9. Use an App to Help You:

Using an app can help to keep you focused and moving forward with your studies in a way that self studying often doesn’t.

You can get free language aid apps that will help you to learn fluent English fast such as Duolingo, a free app that uses a game to teach you seven new words per session.


10. Practice Every Day:

Leaving too long a gap between study periods means you are more likely to forget some of what you have already learned and have to spend some of your learning time recapping your last lesson.

Practice every day, even if it’s just for five or ten minutes to keep everything fresh in your head. This will eliminate the need to cover the same things in multiple lessons which will make the learning process much quicker.


11. Concentrate on Reading:

Rather than reading text books, focus on reading novels. If you enjoy the material you’re reading, you’re much more likely to continue to push yourself. Start with children’s books and work up to more complicated pieces.

A great starting point for adult literature is to find a copy of your favourite book in English so you already know the gist of the story and can use that basic understanding to effectively work out what the words and phrases you’re reading mean.

As you can now see, learning to speak fluent English fast is nowhere near as hard as you imagined it to be. Use a combination of the tips above to get the best results and push yourself to learn quickly.

Above all else, remember that learning a language is a really useful skill, but it should be fun.


As you can now see, learning to speak fluent English fast is nowhere near as hard as you imagined it to be. Use a combination of the tips above to get the best results and push yourself to learn quickly.

Above all else, remember that learning a language is a really useful skill, but it should be fun.

Don’t let yourself become so obsessed with learning that you lose sight of that, because if learning becomes a chore, you can definitely end up stuck in a rut.

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