15 days Practice for IELTS Reading PDF

15 days Practice for IELTS Reading PDF is designed for candidates preparing for the IELTS Reading test. The main goal of this mini-guide is to help candidates build the skills and strategies needed in order to improve their IELTS Reading performance in a limited amount of time.

15 days Practice for IELTS Reading PDF

The reading part of the IELTS test is the only one that does not have a compulsory essay. Sometimes you might find all the questions quite difficult and it is hard to score high marks.

In this book, we have gathered together a lot of useful information about everything from culture to science. You can read this book all at once or dip into it as needed, whichever suits you best.

This book should help consolidate your English ability – both reading and general knowledge – and improve your test-taking skills.

15 Days for IELTS Reading is a thematic course book for the Intermediate-Low level of the revised IELTS, which will help you consolidate your English ability in reading. It focuses on three elements: reading skills, vocabulary building, and communication.

IELTS learning roadmap to improve Reading skills within 15 days

Day 1: On the first day, you start to familiarize yourself with IELTS Reading in an overview, refer to tips to do the test, effective test-taking skills. You are not in a hurry to practice this time.

Day 2-3: These two days, you will get acquainted with the reading passages in the form of questions related to Overview (matching headings).

Day 4-7: These 4 days, you will get acquainted and practice with question types related to Detail questions (True-False-Not Given, Short Answer, Multiple Choice, etc.)

Day 8 and 15: In the book, there are separate two-day lessons for the 8th and 15th, for you to practice before and after with the Progress Test form.

Day 9-10: These two days, you focus on getting acquainted and practicing with Viewpoint questions – this is a rather difficult type of lesson because it is necessary to determine the author’s point of view.

Days 11-12: Scheduling these two days is a Summary Questions review, with tips for getting through it effectively.

Day 13-14: The penultimate two-day route you get to know and practice with Graphic Questions, then on the 15th, take the Progress Test as above.


15 days for IELTS Reading pdf

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