15 Days Practice For IELTS Writing PDF

The 15 Days Practice For IELTS Writing PDF is designed for those who want to improve their English writing skill and also want to gain good marks in IELTS and other similar exams. You will find daily writing practice with explanations and suggestions for improvement.

15 Days Practice For IELTS Writing PDF

Success is written all over your IELTS success story. You have just passed the exam with an  IELTS band score most people only dream of.

But what is next? What will you do to consolidate your English ability, improve your English writing skill, and most importantly provide general knowledge so that the IELTS band score you have achieved is not just a lucky shot in the dark?

15 Days Practice for IELTS Writing is a complete package covering the whole IELTS Writing module, providing you with all the information that you need to get ready for your exam.

It gives you plenty of practice writing skills, consolidates your English ability, and develops your test-taking skills.

IELTS learning roadmap to improve Writing skills within 15 days

Day 1: Overview of IELTS writing (Test time, test structure, grading criteria, and necessary skills for each type of IELTS writing test).

Day 2: Practice writing the Mini-Writing paragraphs.

Day 3 – 4: Practice writing numerical problems in Task 1 (bar chart, line graph, table, pie chart) (how to write the opening paragraph, outline, chart types, structure of a paragraph, familiar words and phrases as well as commonly used tenses and personal persons, skills required for writing, examiner’s assessment of candidates).

Day 5:  Process and Diagram post format. (how to write the opening paragraph, the language commonly used in these two forms, the layout of a paragraph in Process, and the steps to write a paragraph in Process).

Day 6: Practice writing numerical problems.

Day 7: Essay Writing – Task 2 (how to write the opening paragraph, requirements for essay writing task 2, and necessary skills to know a high-scoring assay).

Day 8: Post type that gives a particular point of view (Opinion) or a general statement (Balanced-Argument).

Day 9: Discussion format.

Day 10: List format.

Day 11: Necessary skills for argumentative essay.

Day 12: Some sample lessons.

Day 13: Practice writing a complete essay.

Day 14: Countdown to exam day.

Day 15: Sample exam.

15 Days Practice For IELTS Writing PDF

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