500 Word Formation Exercises for Advanced PDF

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500 Word Formation Exercises for Advanced

As the name clearly indicates, this section of the Advanced exam is designed to test your lexical (vocabulary) skills.

In this task there is a text with ten gaps (plus one example), then at the end of each line with a gap you will see a word in capital letters, e.g. USE. You must form a new word based on the word in capitals to fill the gap. So, from USE, you might form useful, usefully, usefulness, useless, user, usage, etc.

You need to decide what kind of word (i.e. part of speech) goes in the gap: an adjective (e.g. strong), a verb (e.g. strengthen), a noun (e.g. strength) or an adverb (e.g. strongly). You must also spell each word correctly and write IN CAPITAL LETTERS to get the mark – US and UK spellings are both accepted.

Candidates who have previously taken the Cambridge First should be able to recognise this part of the exam, and they should also know what kind of changes they are expected to make to get the mark. However, while knowledge of prefixes and suffixes is usually the norm at First level, at the Advanced level, candidates are sometimes tested on the formation of compound nouns (e.g. bulletproof) and compound adjectives (e.g. wellmannered).

These increase in frequency and complexity by the moment candidates decide to take the Proficiency, in which less common words are included in the exams. Candidates should also be aware that words can have two prefixes (e.g. over-re-act) or two suffixes (e.g. weight-less-ness) at the same time, or even have up to three affixes (e.g. over-re-act-ion). However, these are quite infrequent in the test.

Final Note

You can download the 500 Word Formation Exercises for Advanced PDF from the link below. I wish you all the best. Good Luck!