+600 Confusing English Words Explained

600+ Confusing English Words Explained is perfect for both intermediate students, who will learn some new words for the first time – and for more advanced students, who want to perfect their use of the English language by mastering the subtle differences between similar words.

+600 Confusing English Words Explained

The English language has an enormous vocabulary, and this results in many words that are very similar. Some of them are different by just one letter, like moral and morale. Others differ in their spelling and pronunciation, like incite and insight.

There are many pairs of words that appear to mean the same thing – such as historic and historical, or definitely and definitively – but actually have different definitions and uses.

It can be very confusing for you as an English learner!

You want to speak correctly and avoid miscommunications, but you’re not quite sure about the exact meaning and use of each word. Some students even avoid using particular words because of their doubts.

This book aims to clarify more than 600 of the most common confusing words in English. Every entry has various example sentences s that you can see how each word is normally used.

To learn the most from this book, I would suggest trying to write your own example sentences after reading each entry. This will help establish the meaning of the words firmly in your mind, so that you won’t forget them.

To find out the difference between these confusing words…

  • You could ask a friend or teacher… but they might have difficulty explaining it clearly.
  • You can check a dictionary… but when two words are very similar, the plain dictionary definition is often not very helpful.
  • You could also search for answers online… but this can leave you even more confused than when you started.

+600 Confusing English Words Explained

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