A Book for IELTS (PDF+CD)

A Book for IELTS (PDF+CD) is a good self-study + practice book that you should not ignore, especially detailed instructions for reading and writing.

Let’s find out A Book for IELTS – where you will find many interesting things to help you study IELTS effectively.

Download A Book for IELTS (PDF+CD)

Sam McCarter is a lecturer of academic linguistics at the university and used to take IELTS examinations. Therefore, the examiner has a lot of knowledge, and interesting sharing about this exam and how to practice effectively.

A Book for IELTS – a book that contains sharing, practice tips, and practice guides with practice-like practice exercises for you to practice. Let’s see what this book has.

A simple cover, but if you buy it outside the store, you will see better colors.

Specifically, the book gives you:

  • Introduce each part of the test in detail with the careful note as to the time to take each section. These will be good tips and notes to help you take the exam exactly as your supervisor asked.
  •  Each part has lessons divided by each type of IELTS test.
  • And the exercise, the author provides in each form as a lesson for you to practice first.
  • After the lessons and exercises, take the IELTS Practice Test with a real test to compare, an overview of your knowledge, and an IELTS test experience.
  • There are a number of study tips that are included with each exercise, exam practice exercises to help you apply the test more effectively.
  • Reading and writing skills are the most important focus in this book.
  • There are 22 Reading lessons and 24 Wring lessons with practice questions. The author shares the test section carefully with the types of exercises and exercises to apply to the test.
  • Answers, of course, there is always at the end of the book with a tapescript for you to check answers, and check your level.

With this book, believes that you will increase your skills and prepare for your IELTS test.

The full version has pdf and audio for you to practice on your own.

Guide to studying with this book

  • When downloading books, you need to understand the IELTS first to start studying. See the details of the structure of the IELTS test in detail for details of the booklets.
  •  The opening lesson has 4 Listening tests, you can master each section of the test to learn.
  • If you haven’t done a lot of Listening yet, skip this section to make reading and writing lessons easier to learn.
  • Arrange study time according to the unit set and practice tests.
  • Regarding the Listening and Speaking test, you can study later with Reading, and Writing practice.

A Book for IELTS (PDF+CD)

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