Advanced Everyday English (PDF+CD)

Advanced Everyday English is a self-study method of learning English vocabulary for advanced students. A new version of More Practical Everyday English, book 2 in the Practical Everyday English series.

Advanced Everyday English (PDF+CD)

Advanced Everyday English with audio CD  is an updated, improved, and extended (with sixty new words, exercises, and a CD) version of More Practical Everyday English, which is now out of print.
It is designed in very much the same mode as the first one (Practical Everyday English with audio CD) in that all of the examples will contain vocabulary and expressions you have studied on earlier pages. You will also find many words from the first book, which will give you an opportunity to revise the material. In this second book, there is more of what one might call “serious” vocabulary, but there are plenty of phrasal verbs and idioms as well.

The book will be of particular benefit to those readers with an advanced level of English who wish to become (or who already are) interpreters, translators, or teachers of English, or who simply want to be able to speak and understand English at a very high level. In addition, people who need to read English language journals or converse in English on a daily basis, either in business or for pleasure, will find it very useful.

Once again it has included dialogue and exercises at the end of each chapter so that you can see how the words are used in free conversation and writing, and test yourself on what you have studied in each chapter. Like the first book, there are three lessons in each chapter and nine chapters in total. My suggestion is to read one lesson a week and then do a revision after finishing each chapter. I hope you enjoy the illustrations too.

Audio CD

When you finish each chapter, you should listen to the CD of the dialogues, which will greatly improve your comprehension of the words and expressions you have studied in that particular chapter. Don’t get depressed if you don’t understand everything first time without the book in front of you. This is perfectly normal. Try again while following the dialogue in the book.

Advanced Everyday English (PDF+CD)

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