Advanced Writing in English

Advanced Writing in English is an English writing advanced coursebook. This course was made for English students as a second language. The course will help you to take your English writing skill to top.

Advanced Writing in English as A Foreign Language

This book is concerned with the description and analysis of advanced writing in EFL. It provides a curricular and syllabus development focus as it takes account of writing pedagogy processes at Janus Pannonius University (University of ?6cs since 2000). The course content of undergraduate and postgraduate English-major students was studied.

Using authentic records, the study attempts to cover a wide spectrum of issues related to EFL students’ writing skills in a variety of text types. The description and analysis of over 300 students’ scripts, in the JPU Corpus, is presented to address the aspect of processing products.

This is a cross-disciplinary undertaking: it is informed by writing ped­-agogy via classroom observations made over the years of Writing and Research Skills courses. It is also motivated by current empirical interest in exploiting machine-readable collections of written and spoken texts for language description, lexicography, discourse analysis, and corpus-based language education techniques such as data-driven learning.

The fundamental question it attempts to explore and answer is how the description of scripts written by advanced Hungarian university students of EFL can contribute to an understanding of writing processes and products. Why develop a learner corpus?

The endeavor holds potential benefits in at least three areas, each of which will be explored in this book:

  • to collect evidence of language use;
  • to serve as a basis of research;
  • to serve as a basis of innovative pedagogical applications.

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Advanced Writing in English

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