All Cambridge IELTS Books 1 to 18 (PDF+ Audio)

Cambridge IELTS Books are essential study materials for anyone preparing to take the IELTS exam. Discover how to ace the IELTS exam with Cambridge IELTS Books. Gain valuable insights to choose the right book for your best score and use the IELTS Score Calculator with the best Cambridge IELTS Book to achieve your highest potential.

Keep reading to discover the must-have resources every IELTS candidate needs.

All Cambridge IELTS Books

Here is the list of all IELTS prep Books by Cambridge.

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#1 Cambridge IELTS Series 1 – 18 (1996-2023)

The Cambridge IELTS books are a series of books that provide practice tests for the IELTS exam. There are currently 18 books in the series and in 2024 the Cambridge IELTS 19 will be published. Here is a list of the Cambridge IELTS books:

SeriesTitlePublication Date
1Cambridge IELTS 12000
2Cambridge IELTS 22001
3Cambridge IELTS 32002
4Cambridge IELTS 42005
5Cambridge IELTS 52006
6Cambridge IELTS 62007
7Cambridge IELTS 72009
8Cambridge IELTS 82011
9Cambridge IELTS 92013
10Cambridge IELTS 102015
11Cambridge IELTS 112016
12Cambridge IELTS 122017
13Cambridge IELTS 132018
14Cambridge IELTS 142019
15Cambridge IELTS 152020
16Cambridge IELTS 162021
17Cambridge IELTS 172022
18Cambridge IELTS 182023
Cambridge IELTS Series Publication Dates

The Cambridge IELTS series gives students the perfect opportunity to familiarise themselves with IELTS and practice examination techniques using authentic test material.

Series Features

Each book includes:

  • Contains four complete tests for either Academic or General Training that are EXACTLY like the real thing!
  • Contains a helpful introduction outlining the IELTS format and its scoring, ensuring teachers and students have a thorough understanding of what is involved in the exam.
  • The Resource Bank includes downloadable audio for the Listening tests, answers with extra explanations, sample Writing answers, and example Speaking test videos.
All Cambridge IELTS Books PDF+ Audio

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Cambridge IELTS 17 (Academic and General Training)

Cambridge IELTS 17 is a popular test preparation book for the IELTS. It contains four complete practice tests for both Academic and General Training modules, as well as answer keys and sample responses for the Writing and Speaking sections. Here are some pros and cons of using Cambridge IELTS 16:

  1. Authentic test experience: The book provides authentic test questions and formats that closely resemble the actual IELTS exam, which can help test-takers to familiarize themselves with the test structure and question types.
  2. Detailed answer keys: The answer keys are thorough and provide explanations for why each answer is correct or incorrect. This can help test-takers to identify their weaknesses and focus on improving specific skills.
  3. Sample responses: The book includes sample responses for the Writing and Speaking sections, which can help test-takers to understand the expectations and requirements for each task.
  4. Reusable: Since the book contains four complete practice tests, it can be reused multiple times for practice.
  1. Limited content: The book only contains four complete practice tests, which may not be sufficient for some test-takers who require more practice material.
  2. No guidance on strategy: While the book provides authentic test questions, it does not offer much guidance on test-taking strategies or techniques, which may be a disadvantage for some test-takers who need additional guidance and support.
  3. Cost: The cost of purchasing the book may be a consideration for some test-takers who are on a tight budget.

Overall, Cambridge IELTS 17 can be a useful resource for IELTS test preparation, especially for those looking to practice with authentic test questions. However, it may not be sufficient for those who need more guidance on test-taking strategies or require additional practice materials.

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Cambridge IELTS 18 (Academic and General Training)

Get ready to sharpen your language skills and test-taking strategies with the latest IELTS practice tests! With 7 collections of practice tests available for July 2023, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice and prepare for the real thing. And if you’re aiming for the IELTS Academic module, you won’t be disappointed – each collection includes four complete authentic examination papers to give you a taste of what to expect.

But that’s not all! Even if you’re taking the General Training module, you’ll still benefit from these practice tests. Each collection also includes extra Reading and Writing papers tailored specifically to the General Training module. So whether you’re an aspiring academic or a professional seeking to improve your language proficiency, there’s something for everyone in these practice tests.

Plus, with tapescripts and a comprehensive answer section included, you can review your performance and identify areas for improvement. And the best part? These practice tests are suitable for self-study, so you can practice at your own pace and convenience.

So don’t wait any longer – grab a copy of these practice tests in either the General Training or Academic version and start preparing for IELTS success! And mark your calendar for July 2024, when the latest IELTS 19 collection will be released.

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#2 IELTS Grammar For Bands 6.5 and above (2021)

ELTS Grammar for Bands 6.5 and above provides clear explanations and extensive practice of all the grammar you need for IELTS success.

Book Features

  • Suitable for IELTS Academic and General Training.
  • Includes a wide range of tasks from the IELTS Reading, Writing, and Listening sections, with answers.
  • Includes an entry test to help you find your strengths and weaknesses to maximise your study time.
  • Grammar is presented through listening material, so your listening skills will develop while you study.
IELTS Grammar For Bands 6.5 and above (2021)

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#3 IELTS Vocabulary For Bands 6.5 and above (2021)

IELTS Vocabulary For Bands 6.5 and above covers all the vocabulary you need for band 6.5 and above in IELTS Academic and General Training.

Book Features

  • Suitable for Academic and General Training versions of IELTS.
  • Highlights common mistakes that learners really make.
  • Teaches vocabulary-building strategies.
  • Wordlists provide a useful checklist and revision resource.
  • Regular progress tests to check learning.
  • Full answer key.
  • Downloadable audio for listening and pronunciation activities.
IELTS Vocabulary For Bands 6.5 and above (2021)

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#4 IELTS Common Mistakes (2020-2021)

The IELTS Common Mistakes series highlights the real mistakes students make in the IELTS test and shows how to avoid them.

Book Features

  • Suitable for Academic and General Training versions of IELTS.
  • Choice of two levels.
  • Highlights common mistakes that learners really make.
  • Based on analysis of thousands of real exam scripts.
  • Short, snappy explanations focus on key problem areas.
  • Includes exam-style exercises with full answer key.
  • Regular progress tests to check learning.
IELTS Common Mistakes (2020-2021)

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#6 IELTS Trainer 2 (2019)

This book contains six IELTS practice tests for perfect exam training, including details of the test format, question types, and scoring system, plus step-by-step guidance and tips to guarantee exam success.

IELTS Trainer 2 (2019)

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#7 IELTS Life Skills Official Cambridge Test Practice (2016)

The IELTS Life Skills test is a new exam for people who need to prove their English speaking and listening skills at CEFR levels A1 or B1 for UK visa requirements.

The test is available at two levels:

  • IELTS Life Skills – A1 Speaking and Listening.
  • IELTS Life Skills – B1 Speaking and Listening.

The IELTS Life Skills Official Cambridge Test Practice contains Official preparation for the IELTS Life Skills test Speaking and Listening exam.

Each Student’s Book includes four practice tests for the exam at the chosen level with full answer key.

IELTS Life Skills Official Cambridge Test Practice (2016)

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#8 Mindset for IELTS (2016)

Mindset for IELTS is a 4-level course from the organisation that produces the IELTS test, develops students’ English skills, and leaves them fully prepared for test day.

Book features

  • Suitable for IELTS Academic.
  • Over 150 targeted support items per level help, students maximise test performance.
  • Online modules for Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking plus Grammar and Vocabulary accompany each level and can be used in class or set for homework.
  • Corpus-informed online modules help students avoid common mistakes.
  • Access to online IELTS practice tests in Testbank means students can familiarise themselves with the test.
Mindset for IELTS (2016)

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#9 The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS (2014)

The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS has EVERYTHING you need to prepare for IELTS Academic or General Training. It will help you to understand the test and improve your score with advice, tips, and clear explanations.

Book Features

  • A range of essential skill-building exercises and focus on exam strategy helps you to maximise your grade.
  • Eight official IELTS tests provide plenty of exam practice.
  • Prepares for both the General Training and Academic Modules.
  • Answer keys provide clear explanations to help you learn and improve your score.
  • Suitable for students of all bands (4.0 and above), you can choose how much or how little language development you need.
  • Speaking test videos help prepare you for this hard-to-anticipate part of the exam.
  • Accompanying app delivers the video and audio content in an alternative format for portable devices (App Store or Google Play).
  • The ‘Caravaggio’ reading passage and answer key (Test 4, Reading passage 3, p.220-223) is available as a PDF to download and print from the Resources tab above.
The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS (PDF+ Audio)

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#10 Cambridge English Practice Testbank (2014)

Cambridge English Practice Testbank is an online official practice tests for Cambridge English exams, offering a flexible opportunity to practise Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

Key Features

  • Practise Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking online and get useful tips, feedback, and sample answers.
  • There are two ways to practise – in Test Mode and in Practice Mode.
  •  In Test Mode, take each paper in timed conditions, just like the real exam.
  •  In Practice Mode, try the different parts of the exam multiple times.
  • A videoed examiner asks you questions in the Speaking practice and you record your answers then listen back.
  • Watch a video of a real-life Speaking test to see what it’s really like.
Cambridge English Practice Testbank (2014)

#11 Complete IELTS (2012)

The Complete IELTS covers all parts of the IELTS exam in detail, providing information, advice, and practice to ensure that students are fully prepared for every aspect of the exam.

Book Features

  • A writing reference develops the full range of writing skills needed for the IELTS exam.
  • A Language Reference provides further grammar and vocabulary explanations and examples.
  • Regular revision units at the end of every second unit measure students progress and recycle grammar and vocabulary.
  • A speaking reference develops the full range of speaking skills needed for the IELTS exam.
  • Full sample exam paper in the back of the Student’s Book
Complete IELTS (2012)

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#12 Official IELTS Practice Materials 2

Official IELTS Practice Materials 2 is a comprehensive teacher resource pack to help teachers who are preparing students to take the IELTS test.

The book contains

  • practice tests for Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing (both Academic and General Training).
  • Listening, Reading, and Writing answer sheets.
  •  Listening and Reading practice test answer keys and Listening tapescripts.
  • sample candidate Writing responses and examiner comments.
  • sample candidate Speaking tests and examiner comments.
Official IELTS Practice Materials 2

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#13 New Insight into IELTS (2008)

New Insight into IELTS offers comprehensive preparation and practice for IELTS. It is intended for use with students whose current level is around Band 6 and is suitable for both Academic and General Training candidates.

Book Features

  • Exploring the test paper by paper, and looking in detail at each task type
  • Contains a detailed introduction to the test.
  • Contains a full answer key.
  • It is suitable for use in the classroom or for self-study.
New Insight into IELTS (2008)

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#14 Action Plan for IELTS (2006)

Action Plan for IELTS is a short self-study guide that is organised by paper and examines each question type in detail for students about to take the IELTS test.

Book Features

  • Covers each part of each paper, providing examples of typical test items and content.
  • Contains a full answer key, with recording scripts and sample answers, which is ideal for students studying alone.
  • Stand-alone modules give students the flexibility to target their individual problem areas first.
Action Plan for IELTS (2006)

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#15 Instant IELTS Pack (2004)

Instant IELTS Pack is a photocopiable resource packed with a range of ready-to-use IELTS exam practice activities.

The lively discussions and role plays that accompany them turn each IELTS task type into a stimulating lesson.

The book is organised by paper type, giving teachers a flexible resource that they can tailor to their students’ specific needs.

Instant IELTS Pack (2004)

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All IELTS Cambridge Books Series (Book + Audio)

The Cambridge IELTS Books help students to get a perfect opportunity to familiarise themselves with the IELTS test. It also gives them a chance to practice the examination techniques using real test material.

The IELTS test has two versions the Academic and General Training tests.

  • The IELTS Academic test is usually for people who are applying for higher education or professional registration.
  • and the General Training test is for those who are migrating to Australia, Canada, and the UK or applying for secondary education, training programs, and work experience in an English-speaking environment.

So you can choose from all Cambridge IELTS materials either an edition containing four complete tests for the Academic module or for the General Training module, and either with or without downloadable audio.

The Cambridge IELTS Series Contains :

  • An introduction to these different modules is included in each book, together with an explanation of the scoring system used by Cambridge Assessment English.
  • four complete tests for either Academic or General Training that are EXACTLY like the real thing.
  • A comprehensive section of answers and tapescripts makes the material ideal for students working partly or entirely on their own.

Frequently Asked Question

Here are the Frequently Asked Question about the Cambridge IELTS books Series.

1- How many Cambridge IELTS books are there?

There are currently 35 Cambridge IELTS books available, 17 of them being part of the most famous series ‘Cambridge IELTS’. This year Cambridge will publish the IELTS 18, which will be the 18th book in this series.

The Cambridge IELTS series is widely used by students and teachers to prepare for the IELTS test and is considered a reliable resource for developing the skills and strategies needed to succeed in the exam. Each book contains four authentic IELTS practice tests.

2- Is Cambridge material enough for IELTS?

The Cambridge IELTS book is an excellent resource for IELTS preparation, as it provides authentic examination papers from Cambridge Assessment English, which are very similar to the actual IELTS test. However, whether the book alone is enough for someone to achieve their desired IELTS score depends on various factors, such as their current level of English proficiency and their target IELTS score.

The Cambridge IELTS book can be a valuable tool for practicing and familiarizing oneself with the test format, structure, and types of questions asked in the exam. It provides candidates with four complete examination papers, answer keys with explanations, and audio for the listening tests, which are very helpful for practicing listening and speaking skills.

However, to achieve a good IELTS score, candidates should also focus on improving their overall English language skills, such as reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary. They may also need additional materials and resources, such as grammar and vocabulary books, online courses, practice tests, and study guides, to supplement their preparation and address their individual needs and weaknesses.

In conclusion, while the Cambridge IELTS book can be an excellent resource for IELTS preparation, it is not the only tool needed to achieve a good IELTS score. Candidates should use it as part of a comprehensive study plan that includes various materials, resources, and strategies to improve their overall English language skills and test-taking abilities.

3- Is Cambridge IELTS book enough for IELTS?

No. The Cambridge IELTS series of books are not self-study books. They are excellent for practicing the exam technique but they don’t teach you how to improve your performance and you won’t know what mistakes you are making if you just keep answering past questions without getting detailed feedback on your answers.

So you can use The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS book to teach you how to answer the questions. And Cambridge IELTS books to practice the exam technique. Practice more and more to improve your skills and to prove yourself best.

Download Cambridge IELTS (1-17)

Here you can check each and every version of the Cambridge IELTS books series.

  1. Cambridge IELTS  1 ( Book  + Audio)
  2. Cambridge IELTS  2 ( Book  + Audio)
  3. Cambridge IELTS  3 ( Book  + Audio)
  4. Cambridge IELTS  4 ( Book  + Audio)
  5. Cambridge IELTS  5 ( Book  + Audio)
  6. Cambridge IELTS  6 ( Book  + Audio)
  7. Cambridge IELTS  7 ( Book  + Audio)
  8. Cambridge IELTS  8 ( Book  + Audio)
  9. Cambridge IELTS  9 ( Book  + Audio)
  10. Cambridge IELTS  10 ( Book  + Audio)
  11. Cambridge IELTS  11 Academic ( Book  + Audio)
  12. Cambridge IELTS  11 General Training( Book  + Audio)
  13. Cambridge IELTS  12 Academic ( Book  + Audio)
  14. Cambridge IELTS  12 General Training( Book  + Audio)
  15. Cambridge IELTS  13 Academic ( Book  + Audio)
  16. Cambridge IELTS  13 General Training( Book  + Audio)
  17. Cambridge IELTS  14 Academic ( Book  + Audio)
  18. Cambridge IELTS  14 General Training( Book  + Audio)
  19. Cambridge IELTS  15 Academic ( Book  + Audio)
  20. Cambridge IELTS  15 General Training( Book  + Audio)
  21. Cambridge IELTS  16 Academic ( Book  + Audio)
  22. Cambridge IELTS  16 General Training( Book  + Audio)
  23. Cambridge IELTS  17 General Training & Academic
  24. Cambridge IELTS  18 General Training & Academic