American Accent Training (PDF + CDs)

American Accent Training (PDF + CDs)

American Accent Training is a Guide to Speaking and Pronouncing American English for Everyone Who Speaks English as a Second Language.

American Accent Training (PDF + CDs) Review

The American Accent Training is a superb book and CD series is excellent and I use this for my ESL students. However, many are stating that they still have their accents. Granted, for many of my students, they are just beginning their English studies.

An accent is a very difficult thing to overcome.

However, I believe this book is commonly used in ‘accent reduction’ training, meaning, that it can help reduce the foreign accent in speakers.

More important than trying to eliminate the foreign accent, the user of this book and CD will find they are able to communicate much better than before.

Native English speakers often do not realize how we communicate in subtle ways in English.

In English, it is perfectly understandable to say, “Not every white house is The White House.” A European or an Asian speaker of English usually does not understand this sentence until it is explained to them, as the intonations and inflections of English are subtle.

But it is exactly this subtlety that this book addresses. By emphasizing speech in a native manner, the non-native English speaker will be understood much more clearly. This is very important. When non-native speakers emphasis words improperly, they are often not understood – or, even worse, they might be understood as angry or hostile.

This book is a must for all non-native speakers. It is a book to keep for one’s lifetime and to review periodically. Using this book and CD series for a brief period is not going to produce the necessary results, but returning to this book over and over again, (and by listening to the tapes and repeating the words over and over again, will.)

American Accent Training course Rocomadtions 

I would recommend this to those who can fully understand english but is having a hard time pronouncing words and sentences. This is my first book for accent training and I have a feeling that it’ll be my last because I found everything that

I will ever need.

This is the most amazing accent training book/program that I have received! Being a English as Second Language (ESL) student I have been exposed to various learning programs of speaking, but no books, even many ESL teachers, can be as clear and effective as Ann Cook’s work. This book provides a very comprehensive course to help me adapt my accent. It takes much time to practice and listen to CD, but all my time are well invested. Highly recommended!


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