Basic English Grammar

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Basic English Grammar

Basic English Grammar is a developmental skills text for beginning English language learners. It uses a grammar-based approach integrated with communicative methodologies to promote the development of all language skills in a variety of ways. Starting from a foundation of understanding form and meaning, students engage in meaningful communication about real actions, real things, and their own lives in the classroom context. Grammar tasks are designed to encourage both fluency and accuracy.

The eclectic approach and abundant variety of exercise material remain the same as in the earlier editions, but this fourth edition incorporates new ways and means. In particular:


Based on corpus research, grammar content has been added, deleted, or modified to reflect discourse patterns. New information highlighting differences between spoken and written English has been added to the charts, and students practice more frequently used structures. We have been careful to keep the information manageable for beginning students.


Chapter 15 (in earlier editions of BEG) has been moved to Chapter 6 of this edition in order to teach possessive forms earlier and present all pronouns together.


Newly created for the fourth edition, these innovative exercises precede the grammar charts and introduce the point(s) to be taught. They have been carefully crafted to help students discover the target grammar as they progress through each warm-up exercise. The warm-up exercises can help the teacher assess how much explanation and practice students will need.


At the beginning level, a single grammar structure (e.g. basic pronouns and possessives) sometimes needs to be presented in several steps. Additional exercises have been created to give students more incremental practice.


Recent research highlights the importance of helping students at all levels understand authentic spoken English. New as well as revised exercises introduce students to relaxed, reduced speech. An audio CD accompanies the student text, and a full audio script can be found in the ,back of the book.



Basic English Grammar

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