Basic IELTS Listening(PDF+Aduio)

Download Basic IELTS Listening(PDF+Aduio)

Basic IELTS Listening is a listening book for beginners and should be included in your bookcase. So, what is this book about, where people see beginner reviews everywhere? Let’s explore this book before starting to study. 


As mentioned above, the book is suitable for beginners but also knows a little about English. If you do not know anything, if you do not understand, it will be very difficult to learn but if you listen for a long time, you will get used to it, so do not worry, it is important not to give up.

Those who are in need of materials to become familiar with the IELTS Listening test. There are many interesting tips in the book to help you feel secure to study and apply for your exam.

 content of the book

Basic IELTS Listening has very interesting lessons. Discover general background information right below.

Books provide you with:

  • Introduce an overview of IELTS format and Listening test separately.
  • Effective listening tips for the IELTS listening test. These tips are very simple, serving revision from the beginning for you.
  • Unit 5 units classified by familiar topics in the IELTS Listening test: Name and Places, Number, Survival English, Popular Science, Academic English.
  • In each large Unit, there are 5-15 small exercises with accompanying listening exercises for you to listen and learn for yourself. Because the lesson is organized by topic, it is easy for you to learn the vocabulary and the information around the lesson.

  • Especially in each article, there are Notes section, note the points to note, mistakes or mistakes when practicing listening.

  • At the end of the book, there are answers for you to check how much you have done correctly, to check the lesson effectiveness.

  • With full audio files, you practice listening carefully, helping to improve your skills.


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