Basic IELTS Speaking (PDF + Audio)

Basic IELTS Speaking is an IELTS speaking preparation book that is going to help you start learning Speaking better and score higher.

Basic IELTS Speaking (PDF + Audio)

today, I am going to share with you the  Basic IELTS Speaking book. Basic IELTS Speaking is a book to help you get acquainted and practice speaking, to help you start learning Speaking better.


Of course, just like the Listening book in the same series, beginners can safely use this book for their speaking practice.
Books for you:

I don’t know anything about Speaking yet, familiarize yourself with the Speaking section from the original general format.

Want tips on how to get started in Speaking effectively?

You want to raise the band to 4.0-5.0.

What Does This BOOK Give You?

The book provides you with many basic level lessons to begin to familiarize yourself with, then self-study and prepare for each Part.

The book is designed in the format of the Speaking test in the IELTS exam to help you practice the right direction and develop your speaking skills.


  • The book has 5 parts, divided evenly from the Speaking overview to the tests. Each section is further divided into smaller lessons.

– Chapter 1: The IELTS Speaking Test:

Introducing an overview of the IELTS Speaking test helps you understand this part of the test with grading criteria, sections, and slowly familiarize yourself with the test format to help “stun”. Will this basic information help you know what you need to learn?

This section will have 2 lessons that provide an overview and instructions on how to prepare for IELTS.

– Chapter 2: IELTS Speaking Part 1:

Introduction to Part 1 with knowledgeable guide, prepare for the exam. Including minutes to prepare for the exam, common topics

Frequently asked questions and Part 1 themed conversations that help you learn and apply for exams like Home towns, jobs, Studies, School. This section has Audio!

– Chapter 3: IELTS Speaking Part 2:

Similarly, you are introduced to Part 2 details with instructions to start answering, taking advantage of cue cards…

Provides simple lessons about familiar questions you may be most likely to encounter. These topics are not difficult because the book is for a simple lesson: People, Items, Past Events, Places, Changes … Of course there is still a sample of conversation and Audio.

– Chapter 4: IELTS Speaking Part 3:

Still as above, this part gives you about Part 3 but this Part is more difficult when it is necessary to talk long and have more ideas like writing.

Introduce sample conversations, sample lessons for Part 3 in the form of Description, Agreement/disagreement… This part is more complicated, so needs careful attention.

– Chapter 5: Practice Test:

Provides tests that help you practice on your own and has additional resources with Sample Test, with audio attached.

  • You will be provided with a lesson and accompany with the question, the previous sample. In the sample lessons, vocabulary and sentence structure to use more appropriate.
  • Then there is an application exercise to help you self-study vocabulary and memorize sentence structures better
  • At the end of the book is key answers to help you check back after work.


This book has the following outstanding advantages:

  • The book is presented in a simple and easy to understand system that helps you take steps from learning about the IELTS Speaking sections to find the basic knowledge to start the journey to conquer IELTS.
  • ¬†Books with audio reading along with 8.9-band band conversation sample exercises that help you practice first should be appreciated. The well-analyzed vocabulary section has pronunciation and semantics, helping you forge your own pronunciation.
  • Besides, the question is simple but close to the assigned topics, so you remember longer, later you can apply it smoothly for your test.

To own PDF and Audio more smoothly, you should buy hard books, it is easier to learn. Otherwise, download the book below to learn gradually!


The book divided for you in part to help you learn gradually by Speaking should study under this system is necessary, do not skip lessons because it is linked together.

Listen to the audio with the question and sample first to gain experience when answering the questions. It also helps you to formulate ideas when you encounter that question.

Record your own thoughts, answer yourself with frequently asked questions that the instruction booklet offers. Then check your pronunciation and grammar. At first, make sure that the two criteria are correct.

Basic IELTS Speaking (PDF + Audio)

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