Basic Tactics for Listening (3rd Edition)

Basic Tactics for Listening 3rd edition is an American English listening course used in a classroom by a teacher trained in language learning strategies.
Tactics for Listening, Third Edition is an activity-based listening training that has been shown to improve listening and conversational skills. Tactics for Testing now gives you plenty of opportunities to practice testing and exam techniques. As a result, confident listeners emerge, as well as exam achievement.

Basic Tactics for Listening (3rd edition)

The third edition of Tactics for Listening is a three-level listening skills course for students in upper secondary, college, and university. It can be used on its own or in conjunction with other skills courses.

The course provides practice in conversation and listening over a wide range of subjects and contexts, including listening assignments on every page.

To engage pupils and keep them engaged, high-interest themes use practical, everyday language and a variety of doable listening activities.

Within the context of a topical theme, each unit includes specific listening skills, as well as pronunciation and conversation topics.

Short, digestible portions make teaching – and learning – simple.

In the Tactics for Testing sections, task-based activities provide experience in test-taking techniques related to numerous units.

The Teacher’s Testing and Resource Program Unit quizzes and worksheets are included on the CD-ROM to complement your teaching. These help students improve their confidence as well as their listening and exam skills.

Access to downloadable audio MP3 files from the new Audio Download Center encourages students to study on the go and enhances their learning outside of class.

With the new vocabulary index, you and your students can keep track of their vocabulary growth.

It’s organized by unit and can be used for exam preparation and assessment.

Book Features

The third edition of Tactics for Listening is now available as an e-book with interactive elements tailored to language learners. The Oxford Learner’s Bookshelf app is available for iPad and Android tablets.

  • Relevant and interesting listening activities on every page of every unit
  • Dynamic new design, images, recordings and units engage students in relevant topics
  • New Tactics for Testing section in the Student Books, teaches the skills for success in tests and exams
  • Testing Program and Resource CD-ROM simulates TOEIC®, STEP-EIKEN®, IELTS®, TOEFL® and GEPT® exams
  • New Audio Download Center gives students access to additional, out of class listening practice, and pronunciation and dictation activities
  • Vocabulary index for each unit aids vocabulary development and learning
  • Conversation corner in each unit provides pronunciation and dictation practice


Basic Tactics for Listening (3rd Edition)

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