Being a Writer-Student Skill PDF

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Being a Writer-Student Skill : The Skill Practice Teaching Guide and accompanying Student Skill Practice Book offer additional skill instruction and practice through mini-lessons and application opportunities.

These materials focus on instruction that aligns with the CCSS language standards at grades 1–6, including the conventions of grammar, usage, punctuation, and capitalization.


There are three main ways to incorporate language skills in the Being a Writer program:

  • Teach the lessons in the Skill Practice Teaching Guide sequence. There are 25 skill lessons and 5 reviews per grade.
  • Teach specific skills to support work in a particular genre, as suggested by the Skill Practice Notes in the Teacher’s Manual.
  • Use the Diagnostic Proofreading Passages to determine which lessons to teach and to whom.

Each mini-lesson in the Skill Practice Teaching Guide includes an introduction and teacher-guided practice and a set of three optional practice pages for students.

Many lessons also offer opportunities for students to collaborate with peers, including lessons that encourage participation via interactive whiteboard activities.

The mini-lessons in the Skill Practice Teaching Guide can be taught as a whole-group or small group, or one-on-one as needed.

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