Best GMAT Prep Courses

If you are planning to apply to business school and need some guidance on what courses to take, then read this article. I will show you the different features of the best GMAT Prep Courses.


GMAT Official Starter Kit Prep Course

The GMAT Official Starter Kit, created by the same firm that creates the Graduate Management Admission Test, provides free access to two full-length GMAT practice examinations and 90 practice questions to aspiring test takers.

It’s totally free.Not enough to prepare for the entire exam.
Two complete GMAT practice examinations are included.
The GMAT was created by the same person who created the GMAT.

Official exam prep materials from the exam’s author are an excellent method to acquire a sense for the actual exam experience when studying for any exam. We enjoy that you may receive it for free from’s GMAT Official Starter Kit.

You’ll get free, unlimited access to two full-length practice tests, 90 practice questions, and time-management reports after signing up. Practice exams mirror the test-taking experience, so they’re a wonderful way to get a head start on your exam preparation.

While it is free, the resources are limited, and you will almost certainly need to take a separate, paid GMAT preparation course to score well. offers additional practice examinations for purchase, but there’s no reason to pass up this free opportunity to improve your GMAT skills.

Kaplan GMAT Prep Course

Kaplan GMAT Course offers two high-quality preparation courses with extensive GMAT study materials.

Self-paced or live instruction options are available.One of the more costly GMAT preparation alternatives.


There are more than 2,500 practice questions and nine practice exams.There is no assurance that your score will increase.
Kaplan study resources can help you get the most out of your time in the classroom.


Kaplan is a popular test preparation organization, and we chose it as the best online GMAT prep course because of its extensive resources and flexible course delivery options. You have the option of taking a self-paced course or participating in a live instructor-led event. In any scenario, you’ll have access to nine full practice examinations and a bank of over 2,500 sample questions.

Kaplan’s course also includes the Kaplan GMAT prep books, which some students utilize as a stand-alone study resource to prepare for test day. Students from Kaplan can also take an official practice exam at a GMAT testing center.

The $999 self-paced course includes some teacher assistance. The $1,599 live online edition includes sessions in an online classroom where you can ask a team of teachers questions. Although it is one of the more expensive courses, the comprehensive resources provided may make it worthwhile.

Princeton Review GMAT Prep Course

The Princeton Review provides a large number of GMAT questions, adaptive drills, and practice tests to help students prepare for a high GMAT score and admission to a top school.

It offers a variety of in-person course choices as well as personalized instruction in person.

It’s totally free.Short subscription length.
Two complete GMAT practice examinations are included.One of the most Expensive tutoring.


The GMAT was created by the same person who created the GMAT.For a 700+ guarantee, you must start with a 620+ score.


The Princeton Review is a large exam preparation company that offers a wide range of courses in addition to the GMAT, and its GMAT courses are a popular alternative for in-person exam preparation. The GMAT 700+ course, which guarantees a score of 700 or above if you start with a score of at least 620 and is somewhat more expensive than the GMAT Fundamentals course, is certainly the best choice for most people.

With a maximum class size of 12, the GMAT 700+ course contains 47 hours of training and content. There are around 20 hours of video-based sessions in addition to 27 hours of normal classroom education and four hours of one-on-one instruction. Students also get a bundle of tools, including the official GMAT manual. Students also receive a package of tools, including the official GMAT manual, which includes 4,800 practice questions and 10 practice exams.

These are not inexpensive classes, but you get what you pay for. The Fundamentals course costs $1,299, while the GMAT 700+ course costs $1,649, both with public coupon codes. When preparing for an MBA program, small class sizes and one-on-one mentoring are significant advantages.

The Economist GMAT Prep Course

The Economist GMAT Tutor offers written essay reviews and a credit system to assist you to obtain more specialized help when you need it the most.

Top plans come with a 70-point improvement guarantee.


The longest period of access is six months.
Ask live tutors questions.It’s pricier than some other possibilities.


Use “credits” to tailor your study plan to your specific requirements. 



The Economist is best known for its journal, but it also offers a well-regarded GMAT prep course, including the examPAL-sponsored program that will relaunch in September 2020. The Economist Education GMAT Tutor was chosen as the top GMAT course for student support because it offers a variety of tailored, one-on-one choices to ensure you’re in the best possible position to pass your exam.

Six months of access to a full set of exam prep resources, including six practice tests, six essay reviews, four one-on-one tutoring sessions, two expert assessments, unlimited questions with a tutor, and a large number of credits for the self-directed portion of the program, is included in the most expensive Genius plan.

When you respond to a question, download a PDF, take a verbal quiz, submit an essay for review, or take a practice test, you get credits. Credits can be used for private tutoring sessions, essay reviews, essay review upgrades, and expert evaluations. Most students could get the best outcomes by skipping the $449 Essential plan and opting for either the $699 Premium plan or the $989 Genius plan, based on the options. In addition, all plans include a free digital subscription to The Economist.

PrepScholar GMAT Prep Course

PrepScholar GMAT Course courses are only available online, and they include technical aspects that assist you to improve your GMAT score.

  • Packages for online learning start at $69.
  • Four practice examinations are included in the most comprehensive curriculum.
  • All options come with a five-day free trial.
  • Diagnostic assessment feature
  • Tutors scored in the 99th percentile
  • An online experience that is out of date.
  • Low-cost plans have a shorter access period.


PrepScholar is our top pick for low-cost GMAT prep, with courses starting at just $69. That’s less than 5% of what some of the most expensive solutions will set you back. While there is a less expensive option, the $259 Completely Customized Online GMAT Prep course is the best option for most students. It comes with a guarantee of a 60-point increase in your score.

The $259 version gives you access to over 100 hours of content, 1,000+ practice questions, and four practice tests for four months. GMAT abilities, GMAT strategy, and the substance that makes up each of the four exam sections are all covered in detail in these lessons.

You can add a tutoring package for an extra fee. Tutoring isn’t cheap, starting at $799 for four hours (about $200 per hour), but self-guided online courses are quite economical compared to the competition for people who feel comfortable learning at their own pace.

Veritas Prep GMAT Prep Course

Because of the high interaction environment between instructors and students, Veritas Prep is one of the finest GMAT prep courses for the live classroom experience.

  • There are 12 practice examinations and over 5,000 practice questions included.
  • From the time you join up, you’ll have access to digital content for a year.
  • Live classes and private tutoring are both available.
  • Added tutoring comes at a high price.
  • Other students may slow down the live course pace.

Veritas Prep provides both self-paced online learning and live instruction. You get a year of access to study materials if you choose the self-paced, on-demand version, which includes 12 practice exams, 5,000 practice questions, interactive video courses, and a self-diagnostic test, making it the most comprehensive option. You’ll also have access to a live tutor seven days a week for questions. Tutoring and greater one-on-one help are among the upgraded self-study alternatives.

The live online class is a six-week session in which students see an average score improvement of 140 points, much over the guaranteed 50 points. The tutoring program, which provides more targeted instruction, is one of the more expensive options, with packages starting at $2,650 for 10 hours.

The online, self-paced course is in the middle of the pack in terms of price, but it offers more test questions and practice tests than competitors. Veritas could be a suitable fit for your needs if that’s where you’ve had the most success with exam preparation.

TestMasters GMAT Prep Course

After attending the Testmasters prep course, students are guaranteed a minimum score of 100 points.

  • There are 12 practice examinations and over 5,000 practice questions included.
  • From the time you join up, you’ll have access to digital content for a year.
  • Live classes and private tutoring are both available.
  • Added tutoring comes at a high price.
  • Other students may slow down the live course pace.


While many competitors promise increases of 50 or 60 points, Testmasters is so confident in its program that it offers a 100-point guarantee. If you attend all of the classes and complete all of the assigned homework but do not improve by 100 points on the GMAT exam, you may enroll in the next available GMAT course at no additional cost.

Testmasters provides both in-person and virtual instruction, as well as an online course. For $950, you can get practice drills and questions, nine GMAT paper tests, and three hours of private tuition through an online course. The One Prep course, which includes all of the same features as the in-classroom course, costs $899. For $175, one-on-one private instruction (in person, online, or over the phone) is also offered.

Target Test Prep GMAT Prep Course

Target Test Prep’s thorough curriculum and library of practice questions are aimed at enhancing the quantitative score on the GMAT.


  • Support is available 24/7 via the internet.
  • There are over 800 instructor-led videos available.
  • Guaranteed increase in score.
  • The emphasis is solely on quantitative substance.


  • There isn’t a full-length adaptive-practice test available.


Scott Woodbury-Stewart, a physics, chemistry, algebra, and biology instructor, founded Target Test Prep. Throughout his teaching career, he developed a passion for assisting children in performing well on standardized tests. Target Test Prep is now a well-regarded GMAT prep programme that focuses on increasing students’ quantitative scores.

Target Test Prep can help you ace the quantitative section of the GRE with over 800 instructor-led HD videos, access to over 2,500 quantitative practice GMAT questions, and expert tips and techniques. Custom practice sets are also used by Target Test Prep to assist you focus on your weak areas until they become strengths. You can log and analyze your most common mistakes using its error tracker to enhance your accuracy and become a better test taker.

There are three prep course options available, each of which includes a full explanation of each quantitative topic, adjustable tailored study plans, access to the proprietary GMAT practice test engine, live expert help, and a guaranteed rise in GMAT quantitative score. You can get a full refund for the cost of your plan if your score does not increase after you complete the course (providing you meet all eligibility requirements).

For $99 per month, the Flexible Preparation Plan includes both quantitative and verbal GMAT courses, monthly recurring billing, and the flexibility to cancel at any time. For $299, you can get four months of complete access to the Dedicated Study Course. For $399, you get six months of access to the Maximum Learning course.

You may join up for a five-day full access trial to test out all of the quantitative and verbal resources for $1 before determining if Target Test Prep is appropriate for you.