Big English 2nd Edition (2017)

Big English is here to help young learners communicate in English. Big English 2nd edition builds on the popular first edition with new features and components to help young learners progress and communicate confidently.

Big English 2nd Edition

Big English 2nd edition builds on the firm foundations and big ideas of the first edition and brings exciting new features and components to help young learners progress and communicate confidently.

Three academic pillars prepare students for the challenges they will find in today’s world:

  • CLIL motivates students to explore and enquire, by integrating meaningful content from other areas.
    • New CLIL pages in the Student Book, with up-to-date content that reflects learners’ interests to further engage them.
    • As an innovative technique to digitally offer CLIL to students, the New Big TV has been introduced. It comprises of 52 films that fit the topics of the Student Book Information Connections pages by using content from various news sites. A printable video workbook and a bank of instructor notes are also inclu
  • 21st century skills empower students to get ahead in a changing world: collaborating, communicating, thinking critically and working creatively.
    • Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, and Digital Literacy are among the 21st Century Skills that students will learn during the course.
    • In the teaching notes, there are sections labeled 21st Century Skills. Think Big is another characteristic that appears 3-5 times each unit.
  • Assessment for Learning develops the confidence students need to succeed in English and in life.
    • The Student Book and Teacher Book have built-in Assessment for Learning (AfL) that allows you to check your progress at any time.
    • Pre-tests, practice tests, unit tests, final examinations, and resources for oral assessment are all included in the assessment pack for Cambridge Young Learners.

Is it for you?

Designed for achieving results, Big English 2nd Edition (American English) delivers comprehensive English language acquisition alongside CLIL and broader life skills, supported by unique online digital teacher and student resources.

Improved digital tools, simpler designs for students, and mapping to the Global Scale of English are all included in the 2nd Edition.

Mario Herrera and Christopher Sol Cruz, two well-known authors, developed this awesome course. They have more than 30 years’ experience in ELT and bring proven expertise.

Together, they have developed top-quality content for Big English 2nd Edition, designed to inspire and motivate primary students to learn English.
Big English 2nd Edition