Bridge to IELTS Pre-intermediate (PDF+Audio)

Get the Bridge to IELTS Pre-intermediate (PDF+Audio) and start your IELTS preparatory course.

Bridge to IELTS Pre-intermediate (PDF+Audio)

The Bridge to IELTS Pre-intermediate book is recommended by teachers at the center and many other teachers for those who do not know anything about IELTS or beginner. It will help you conquer English in a short time.

Who is the book for?

This book is for band 3.5 and above, following the title yet. The book is a useful resource for you when you want to upgrade.

What is the book?

12 units with familiar topics: Home, Fesstival, Teamwork, Education, Buildings and Cities, Work, Urban Sports, The Natural World, Family, Conservation, Design, Plan and Predictions with lessons for each skill, analysis vocabulary to basic grammar for you to study and apply for the IELTS test.
A separate review gives you specific knowledge about grammar and special vocabulary
The book further analyzes pronunciation and other skills for you to increase your knowledge
At the end of the book, there is a separate test for each skill and full test to test knowledge. Besides, that is the answer keys for you to check the answer.

Book Review:

This book is made for learners with 12 thematic lessons. Besides, it provides sources of vocabulary, grammar, and introductory pronunciation with audio to accompany you to study.

This is the book cover:

Particularly interesting is the design of the lesson linked together. After the lessons, there is a summary and a test to check your level and ability to remember.

You will see in a Unit, starting from the reading combined grammar study in each exercise to the Listening, vocabulary analysis, and combination pronunciation. Because of this, you always practice your home lessons. Next comes the Speaking and Writing sections. Because the book is aimed at learning 4 skills, you should practice through the whole band to improve your IELTS score.

Books provide more practice exercises, requiring learners to learn by themselves and do a lot. This will help you memorize faster. Review some of the book pages below that you can refer to better understand the book.

Illustrative picture books are also beautiful, easy to imagine. Divide the lessons by skill to help learners conveniently review them all in one book. This is pretty good.

Bridge to IELTS Pre-intermediate (PDF+Audio)

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