Building Grammar Skills for TOEFL iBT

Building Grammar Skills for TOEFL iBT is a complete guide to English Grammar, which covers every part of speech, and is presented with people who are planning to take the iBT TOEFL exam in mind. Over 50 key grammar points which feature:

  • Clear grammar lessons,
  • Detailed explanations,
  • Over 115 exercises, and
  • Thousands of questions.

Building Grammar Skills for TOEFL iBT

This is a complete guide to English Grammar for the TOEFL iBT test. The book covers every part of speech with over 50 key grammar points. This is the first 20 points of this book.

Grammar Point 1 – Parts of the sentenceGrammar Point 2 – “There is” vs. “to Have”
Grammar Point 3 – Using Modal Verbs to Make RequestsGrammar Point 4 – Introduction to Prepositions
Grammar Point 5 – Prepositions of PlaceGrammar Point 6 – Prepositions of Time
Grammar Point 7 – Prepositions of Place & MovementGrammar Point 8 – Various Pairs
Grammar Point 9 – AdjectivesGrammar Point 10 – Comparatives
Grammar Point 11 – Order of AdjectivesGrammar Point 12 – Participle Adjectives
Grammar Point 13 – Word PartsGrammar Point 14 – Adjective Clauses
Grammar Point 15 – Adjective Clause ReductionsGrammar Point 16 – Equativcs
Grammar Point 17 – The SuperlativeGrammar Point 18 – Showing Cause and Effect with Adjectives
Grammar Point 19 – Verb TensesGrammar Point 20 – Regular Verbs and Link Verbs


That was our book for today. I really hope that you are going to get the best of it. You can download the book from the links below. Good Luck!

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