Classroom Dynamics

Classroom Dynamics is popular series gives teachers practical advice and guidance, along with resource ideas and materials for the classroom.

The tasks and activities are clearly presented, and offer teachers the information they need about level, time, preparation, materials, classroom management, monitoring, and follow-up activities.

Each book offers up to 100 ideas, as well as variations that encourage teachers to adapt the activities to suite their individual classrooms.

Classroom Dynamics Book

A full contents list at the front of the book provides a complete list of the activities, the suggested level at which each activity can be used, and the approximate time required for each activity. The summary below aims to give a general idea of the book’s organization.

Book Features:

  • Explores the problems teachers have managing groups, and suggests various strategies which can be used to lead groups more effectively.
  • Examines the characteristics of a successful group.
  • Provides over a hundred activities designed to foster a cohesive and supportive group atmosphere.
  • Provides activities suitable for classes of all levels of general or specialized English courses.

Book Content

Section A: Forming the group

1 Breaking the ice:
Warm-up activities for the first week of term (7 activities)

2 Thinking about language:
Individual learning styles and group strategies (3 activities)

3 Thinking about groups:
Group strengths, individual contributions (3 activities)
Section B: Maintaining the group

4 Bridging gaps:
Opinion- and value-bridging activities (7 activities)

5 Maintaining fluidity:
Reseating and mêlée games (6 activities)

6 Getting to know each other:
Humanistic exercises and personalized grammar (6 activities)

7 I did it your way:
Empathy activities (5 activities)

8 A sense of belonging:
Whole group identity activities (6 activities)

9 Establishing trust:
Trust- and confidence-building activities (5 activities)

10 Staying positive:
Encouraging positive feelings (7 activities)

11 Group achievements;
Product-orientated activities (5 activities)

12 Bringing it together:
Pyramid discussions, feedback techniques, and summaries (7 activities)

13 That patriotic class feeling:
Inter-class activities and competitions (5 activities)

14 Ensuring participation (5 activities)

15 Learning to listen (5 activities)

16 A sense of direction:
Setting, assessing, and resetting goals (6 activities)

17 Coexistence and compromise:
Individual wants and frustrations; group solutions (5 activities)

18 Coping with crisis: some group problems
Section C: Ending the group experience

19 Ending with positive feelings (4 activities)

20 Evaluating the group experience (5 activities)

21 Finale

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Classroom Dynamics

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