Collins Grammar for IELTS (pdf+Audio)

Collins Grammar for IELTS  is an IELTS grammar preparation book with an audio cd. The IELTS Collins Grammar course has a lot of useful strategies and tips for the grammar IELTS test. The course also contains some practise exercises similar to the ones in the IELTS  grammar test.

Collins Grammar for IELTS (pdf+Audio)

Collins Grammar for IELTS pdf has 24-page units present key areas of grammar with practice exercises similar to the ones in the IELTS test. Practical exam strategies and tips help you improve your IELTS score. Practice exam sections at the end of each unit allow you to familiarise yourself with the test questions.

The Grammar for IELTS and CD includes the grammar and skills needed for all 4 IELTS sections: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

  • Each Unit will start with the main grammar section for the lesson with example sentences and explanations, helping learners understand the structure and briefly understand the use of that structure. The next section is the exercises to help you develop the knowledge and grammar skills necessary for the exam.
  • At the end of each lesson, there is a practice section closest to the actual IELTS test. Accompanied with tips throughout the book, highlighting relevant grammar knowledge, and techniques and strategies that help candidates take the test effectively.
  • The special feature of this book is to provide you with a higher level of grammar knowledge, which is used separately for each topic commonly encountered in IELTS, not just generalizing simple forms. In addition to the structure is accompanied by exercises and vocabulary.
  • The grammar topics are introduced and meticulously instructed and applied for the IELTS test, different from the regular grammar.
  • The book also comes with an audio file. So that you can learn more good vocabulary. Combined with vocabulary books, there is nothing equal.

Collins Grammar for IELTS

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