Cracking The SAT Premium 2019 PDF

Cracking the SAT Premium Edition 2019 is so helpful in preparing you for the SAT and relieving some of the pressure and nerves.

I feel pretty much ready to take it now. It gives you all the resources you need like practice tests, lessons, cheats, etc. Purchase it. You won’t regret it.

Cracking the SAT Premium Edition with 8 Practice Tests, 2019

The SAT is not a test of aptitude, how good of a person you are, or how successful you will be in life. The SAT simply tests how well you take the SAT. And performing well on the SAT is a skill, one that can be learned like any other. The Princeton Review was founded more than 30 years ago on this very simple idea, and—as our students’ test scores show—our approach is the one that works.

Sure, you want to do well on the SAT, but you don’t need to let the test intimidate you. As you prepare, remember two important things about the SAT:

  • It doesn’t measure the stuff that matters. It measures neither intelligence nor the depth and breadth of what you’re learning in high school. It doesn’t predict college grades, as well as your high school grades, do. Colleges know there is more to you as a student—and as a person—than what you do in a single 3-hour test administered on a random Saturday morning.
  • It underpredicts the college performance of women, minorities, and disadvantaged students. Historically, women have done better than men in college but worse on the SAT. For a test that is used to help predict performance in college, that’s a pretty poor record.

Your preparation for the SAT starts here. We at The Princeton Review spend millions of dollars every year improving our methods and materials so that students are always ready for the SAT, and we’ll get you ready too.

However, there is no magic pill: Just buying this book isn’t going to improve your scores. Solid score improvement takes commitment and effort from you. If you read this book carefully and work through the problems and practice tests included in the book, not only will you be well-versed in the format of the SAT and the concepts it tests, you will also have a sound overall strategy and a powerful arsenal of test-taking strategies that you can apply to whatever you encounter on test day.

This test is challenging, but you’re on the right track. This course will be with you all the way. Good luck!

Cracking The SAT Premium 2019 PDF

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