Developing Critical Thinking in EFL Classes

The Developing Critical Thinking in EFL Classes book exhibits a creative instructing test and a diagnostic investigation of basic reasoning. You are going to learn a lot from it.

Developing Critical Thinking in EFL Classes

This book presents an innovative teaching experiment and an analytical study of critical thinking and the sociocultural theory of learning to illustrate the cognitive learning development mechanisms.

It addresses the issues in developing critical thinking, including the controversy surrounding the definition, measurement, and teaching of critical thinking, particularly in the L2 context.

The book explains how infusion-thinking lessons can be structured to help students develop critical thinking along with language learning.

Further, it uses a case study as a real-world example to examine the applicability and feasibility of infusion-thinking lessons in the EFL context and their effectiveness in developing students’ critical thinking and language learning.

Packed with thinking activities and techniques, this practical, hands-on manual provides original ideas and empirical data, giving teachers everything they need to plan their lessons to improve students’ critical thinking within language courses and evaluate their teaching.

When we are reading ” Developing Critical Thinking in EFL ” any book, we are nourishing our minds with the information inside it. And this is how food fuels us. It improves our language in a really amazing way. The books we read-build our language step by step. And the better kind of books we read, the better our language and brains get built. That’s why we have to choose great books to read.

Our speaking becomes clearer as we are able to choose the right words to express ourselves. And nothing can stop us, from speaking like native speakers. We can be even better than the native. Because when we are reading, we actually travel through the information in that book. We explore new places, vistas, and emotions through the words that authors have written in the book.

As we have said the more we read, the more things we know about. And the more things we know, the more dreams we achieve out of our life. It is a fact that all great people at some point of time in their life have drawn inspiration from books. So Reading is like an exercise for our brains. It makes you think creatively and allow us to improve our characters. So make sure to read a good book “like developing Critical Thinking in EFL ” with virtuous characters is going turn you into a better person sooner or later.