LISTEN and SPEAK Situational English (PDF + Audio)

LISTEN & SPEAK Situational English is suitable for different levels, from Lower Intermediate and Intermediate to Upper Intermediate and Advanced. It is ideal for people who are: –

  • learning and using English as an international language.
  • studying, working, or traveling in Britain, or preparing to do this.
  • living in Britain and using English as a Second Language.
  • preparing for exams that involve speaking.

Learning how to use these expressions and use them fluently will help you to pass exams such as Cambridge First Certificate, Advanced and Proficiency, IELTS, ARELS and LCCI (SEFIC).

LISTEN and SPEAK Situational English

How can you find the most useful expressions of everyday English and then practise using them enough, so that you really learn them?

LISTEN & SPEAK Situational English is the answer.

It gives you listening and speaking practice with a large selection of useful expressions that foreign speakers of English need to learn.

There are 37 sections on different themes, including:

  • Shopping,
  • Telephoning,
  • Business Telephoning,
  • Meetings,
  • Being a Guest,
  • Helping and Thanking, Apologising.

You listen to a short description of a situation and then have to remember and say the expression you need, before hearing a model answer that you repeat.

You can look at the situations and expressions in the self-study book at first, but the most important practice is listening and speaking, which you can do using the CDs or cassettes without the book. You can then use them wherever you have a CD or cassette player (e.g. at home, in the car) and with a walkman, you can practice your English anywhere.

Practice remembering and saying the right expressions again and again until you really know them and can say them quickly and fluently. Then you’ll be able to use them automatically when you are talking with people in English.

Get Situational English: Listen to Everyday Situations in English and Practise What You Need to Say.

LISTEN and SPEAK Situational English (PDF + Audio)


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