Wider World 3 (PDF+CDs)

Wider World 3 is the fourth book of the Wider World 5 levels course that reflects the way teenagers access information and entertainment in the modern world.

Wider World 3 Student’s book and  Workbook (PDF+CDs)

Wider World 3 reflects the way that today’s teens access information and entertainment: from the internet, using personal devices such as tablets, laptops, and mobiles. The content and the style in which it is presented is designed to inspire and challenge teenagers.

Wider World American Edition pairs the successful English language learning concepts of Wider World with content that has been carefully researched and adapted to meet the specific needs of teachers and students looking for an American English course.

Book Features

Student Book

  • Nine units and a starter unit with 72-120 hours of teaching material.
  • 12 pages per unit.
  • video (Drama, BBC Vox Pops, and BBC Culture) with every unit.
  • one lesson per page (or opening), one skill focus per lesson.
  • English (GSE) and adapted to be student-friendly and to include topic information.
  • wordlist with exercises activating key vocabulary and revision for every unit.
  • BBC Culture lessons in every unit are based on an intriguing question.
  • Grammar Time: grammar reference and practice activities for every grammar lesson.
  • Exam Time: the Listening and Speaking parts of the relevant PTE General and Cambridge English exams.
  • five extra CLIL lessons.
  • two extra Culture lessons about the English-speaking world.


  • Follows the structure of Can-dos of the Student’s Book.
  • additional grammar, vocabulary and skills practice to reinforce material in the Students’ Book.
  • One lesson per unit dedicated to BBC Culture, plus full video scripts.
  • Exam Time: the Reading and Writing parts of the relevant PTE general and Cambridge English exams.
  • self-assessment.
  • Self-Check (key available in the Workbook).

Extra Online Homework (Students’ view)

  • Extra homework activities based on BBC Vox Pops with embedded video.
  • all Student’s Book video.
  • Drama: 18 episodes (some episodes split into several parts).
  • BBC Culture: nine episodes (some episodes split into several parts).
  • BBC Vox Pops: 18 episodes.
  • downloadable WB audio.
  • downloadable Exam Practice Books audio.

Wider World 3


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