Effective Teaching in Schools

The Effective Teaching in Schools Book is the optimal introduction to what defines excellent teaching in the UK. Knowing the shift of teacher training towards more classroom processes. You are going to feel in love with it.

Effective Teaching in Schools

Effective Teaching in Schools is the excellent introduction to what characterizes good teaching, written by the author of the widely acclaimed Essential Teaching Skills.

Recognizing the movement in teacher education toward greater classroom practice, the book’s examination of the teaching experience combines depth and authoritative coverage.

The book is highly practical and aids in the development of critical thinking abilities. It’s the perfect link between the theory students need to contextualize their experiences and the practice that allows them to build on theoretical work in the classroom.

Personalized learning, new innovations in ICT, interactive teaching, inclusiveness, assessment for learning, Every Child Matters, and evidence-based classroom practice are all included in this third edition. It also includes updated terminology and references, as well as research ideas.

About the book

This book looks at those aspects of teaching and learning in schools that are important for effective teaching. Some people have voiced the opinion that anyone who knows their subject matter can teach. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Effective teaching involves having a sound understanding of how and why certain activities lead to learning, and what factors influence their effectiveness. Teachers make use of a whole range of teaching skills to make sure learning occurs effectively.

Only a combination of both subject matter knowledge and an understanding of the nature of effective teaching itself can provide a solid foundation for effectiveness. Three of the key tasks of teacher education are:

  •  to help teachers build up their knowledge and understanding of effective teaching.
  • to help teachers to develop the key skills involved in classroom teaching.
  • to help teachers to critically reflect upon and evaluate their own teaching.

 Book Review

New teachers, PGCE students, and prospective PGCE students will benefit much from Effective Teaching in Schools. I thought the book to be well-written and easy to understand.

It keeps the teacher’s goals in mind at all times, and each chapter is clearly divided down with an objective, discussion, summary, and then additional topics to ponder.

The author is a seasoned educator who offers great guidance and appears to follow a sensible, common-sense approach. In addition, the book is well-designed, with a legible typeface and a manageable size.

The paper is of decent quality, and it isn’t so brightly white that you get a little headache from reading it. I believe that this is a book that anybody interested in becoming a competent teacher should read.

About the Author

Chris Kyriacou is Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of York Department of Education. His writings have focused on various aspects of teaching, learning, and pastoral care in schools.

His work has been published extensively within leading international journals, and he is the author of Stress-Busting for Teachers (2000), Helping Troubled Pupils (2003), and Effective Teaching in Schools, 3rd edition (Oxford University Press, 2009).
Effective Teaching in Schools