Writing English for Academic Study

Writing English for academic study is an integrated course designed to develop student writing on pre-sessional and pre-departure courses.

Writing English for Academic Study

This Course Book contains step-by-step activities written by EAP professionals at the University of Reading’s Centre for Applied Language Studies.

The activities are designed for use with authentic reading texts in an accompanying Source Book on the basis of an integrated approach to writing.

EAS Writing is founded on an extensive review of recent research into EAP writing methodology and reflects the most recent developments in language teaching for academic purposes.

Book Content

Each unit explores a key aspect of writing and teaches it in the context of a specific topic area, e.g., Food security and Sustainable fashion.

The tasks in each unit prepare you to write an essay that will consolidate the writing skills you are learning.

Authentic texts in the accompanying Reading & Writing Source Book provide useful and interesting background information for each topic area covered.

The Course Book includes unit summaries to give you a quick overview of what you have covered, and a comprehensive glossary of terms. Each unit also has weblinks offering additional information and activities, relating to both writing skills and the topics covered in the units.


The units are classified as follows:

  • Introduction to academic writing
  • Sustainable energy
  • The business of science
  • Telemedicine
  • Food security
  • Human resource management
  • Sustainable fashion
  • The Tipping Point

This book can be used in conjunction with the following books in the English for Academic Study (EAS) series, also published by Garnet Education: EAS: Reading & Writing Source Book, EAS: Reading, EAS: Extended Writing & Research Skills, EAS: Listening, EAS: Speaking, EAS: Vocabulary, EAS: Pronunciation and EAS: Grammar for Writing.

English for Academic Study Writing

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