English Grammar 100 Tragically Common Mistakes

English Grammar 100 Tragically Common Mistakes is going to provide you with the most common English grammar mistakes and how to correct them. 

English Grammar 100 Tragically Common Mistakes

If you’re reading this workbook on a touch-screen device, you can add notes and highlight text just like you would in a physical workbook. Some sections will prompt you to write in answers or personal responses. It’s easy—give it a try right here: 

  • With your finger, tap and hold for a few moments on the line above. Depending on the device you’re using, an icon such as a magnifying glass will appear. Li your finger and you’ll see an options menu. Select “Note” (or “Notes”) to add and save your own text. When you’re done, an icon or highlighted area will remain, which you can always return to and tap if you want to reopen and read or edit your note.
  • The same tap-and-hold options menu offers “Highlight” or “Color,” which you can select if you want to highlight a passage or “check” a box. Experiment with it: By swiping your finger before releasing you can select entire sentences or paragraphs. The options menu also offers “Bookmark” for when you want quick access back to certain pages.
  • This method is the same on nearly all touch-screen ebook devices, but some have slight variations. If you’d like more information specific to the device you’re holding in your hands, a quick online search will yield the best results.



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