English Through Grammar Stories

English Through Grammar Stories

English Through Grammar Stories course will provide you with a collection of grammar stories to improve your English grammar.

Line By Line

Line By Line is a collection of Grammar Stories—reading selections that are designed to provide meaningful, relevant, and enjoyable reading practice while offering a clear, intensive focus on specific aspects of English grammar. Each chapter provides reading and writing reinforcement of the structures and vocabulary presented in the corresponding chapter of our textbook, Side By Side: English (Grammar Through Guided Conversations. Line By Line can be used in conjunction with Side By Side or independently as a separate reading and writing text.

All components of Line By Line have been designed to offer students opportunities for true interactive communicative practice in Hit! language classroom. The stories in the text are brief; we have tried to create characters and situations that are simple and straightforward while highlighting specific grammatical structures. The extensive illustrations serve as visual cues that guide learners through the reading selections. Follow-up questions, coupled with these illustrations, form the basis for student discussion and retelling of the stories. A feature of each chapter is the “In Your Own Words’’ activity, which gives students an opportunity to create original stories based on their interests, backgrounds, and imaginations

Course Features

The following are the main features of this awesome and fun course:

  • Previewing a GrammarStory.
  • Reading and Talking About a Story.
  • Retelling a Story. The way in which the stories are written and the illustrations that accompany them enable students to retell them with little I difficulty.
  • In Your Own Words activity in each chapter to guide students in their creation of original stories.

At the end of this article, I hope you enjoyed reading it. You can get this course from the links below. Remember to stay home and safe nowadays. Good Luck!