English Vocabulary in Use

English Vocabulary In Use Pre-intermediate and Intermediate

This book will help you learn more than 2,000 words and phrases, and you can use it without a teacher. There are 100 units in the book. You can study them in any order, but the first four units have information about vocabulary that will help you with your learning.

After you do the exercises, you can check your answers in the Answer key at the back of the book. You will also find possible answers for most of the Over to you exercises.

The Index at the back of the book has all the new words and phrases from the units, with a phonemic transcription to help you with pronunciation. If you have the edition with the ebook, you can listen to the pronunciation of all the new vocabulary, and there are more practice exercises as well. see p262 for more information about the ebook.

It is a good idea to have a dictionary when you use the book. sometimes you may want a bilingual dictionary, so you can find a translation; sometimes the book asks you to use an English dictionary for an exercise. You also need a notebook when you are studying. The study units 1–4 in this book will give you ideas and information to help you to use your notebook and become a better learner. I hope you enjoy using this book.

English Vocabulary In Use Pre-intermediate and Intermediate