English Way Course

English Way is a series of 24 DVD Videos for English learners from basic to advanced levels. Each lesson will include many videos (built according to a specific plot to show communication in modern-day life, these are content, humorous, and highly applicable videos). and a part on how to use grammar, analyze situations and apply the language in practice, this part is done by native teacher Gabrielle.

English Way Course

This DVD course is specifically designed for those who want to build and strengthen their communication skills in English. Through specific situations, help learners believe in themselves and confidently communicate.

For English Way, you don’t have to worry about how much knowledge you will receive, how many skills you will improve,… The only thing you need to care about is: Take some time. certain days to sit and watch videos, relax, that’s enough (knowledge will naturally seep into learners’ minds). If you don’t have enough time, that’s okay, you already have the full set of Mp3s of the program, copy it to your phone and listen to it whenever you can (lunch time, coffee time or travel time). bus…).

From the very first lessons, English Way will guide you step by step to familiarize yourself with the new learning method and thereby bring English to you naturally. The structure of the course is built with immediate goals and practical results for learners, allowing you to use English confidently and naturally in real-life situations of today’s modern life. now.

To get the full knowledge of this DVD course, right from the very first lessons, the program teaches you how to use some basic grammar so that you can keep up with complex structures. more later.

What is the effective method of learning English video to communicate?

Did you know that video learning is scientifically proven to be effective and highly successful if applied correctly? With English way, the result will be great if you follow the following method:

You don’t need to worry about absorbing little knowledge, skills, bad communication… You just need to spend a certain amount of time each day to watch videos, relax and let English gradually “get used to” with you. Lesson knowledge will also gradually enter your mind quickly. If you are too busy, record the audio file to your phone or a nice little MP3 so that you can listen and practice English anytime, anywhere: on the bus, at break time, on lunch break, while waiting for friends. … Taking advantage of learning English to communicate anytime, anywhere is not a bad idea, right?

You can also rest assured that the situations in the English way are also very simple and interesting. You can completely apply them to your daily life. When you are tired, listening to a funny story, watching a short video also helps you relieve stress a lot.

In addition, exposure to native English from characters and instructors Gabrielle and funny stories will help convey knowledge and skills to you quickly.

English Way Course 24 DVD Videos



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