Essential Business Vocabulary Builder

Essential Business Vocabulary Builder is a business vocabulary and practice course for students with a pre-intermediate level of English or above. Using the course will enrich your business vocabulary and enable you to express yourself more fluently and confidently in a professional context. 

Essential Business Vocabulary Builder

The Essential Business Vocabulary Builder book is well-organized and covers a range of important business topics as well as general vocabulary skills needed for communication in English. Can be used for self-study as the answer key is provided.

The vocabulary is organized by business topic (first part), business skill (second part) and word family (third part), making it simple for you to target the language and skills you need. The imaginative variety of practice exercises throughout the book makes the vocabulary easier to digest and remember. The topics and skills are covered from a 21 st-century perspective, teaching up-to-date language in modern business contexts.

A Clear topic-based way of expanding workplace vocabulary. This is a good book for all adult learners as some sections are relevant to anyone. I bought this to update my library of older business books and was so impressed I have bought both of the elementary and intermediate books in the series. They will make a good addition to anyone’s resource bank if teaching adult learners.