Essential Words For TOEFL


v. to confuse to a point at which no progress can be made
adj. baffling
syn. puzzle
n. bafflement

  • The causes of many harmful diseases have baffled doctors for centuries.
  • That was a baffling question.


v. to produce, to carry; to show; to endure
adv. bearably
syn. yield
adj. bearable

  • This orchard bears many fine harvests of apples.
  • Although stock prices declined, losses have been bearable for most investors.


v. to make something difficult to see
adj. blurred syn. cloud
n. blur

  • The rain blurred everyone’s view of the valley.
  • The whole accident is just a blur in my mind.


adj. intensely bright or colorful; intelligent
adv. brilliantly
syn. radiant
n. brilliance

  • Einstein was a brilliant thinker.
  • She brilliantly produced a solution to the problem.


v. to alert someone of danger, warn someone to take care or pay attention to something
adj. cautious
syn. warn
adj. cautionary
adv. cautiously
n. caution

  • The officer cautioned the motorist to slow down.
  • They entered into the negotiations cautiously.


v. to increase in a positive way, such as in value, power, or beauty
n. enhancement
syn. strengthen
adj. enhanced

  • Passing the exam should enhance your chances of being admitted to college.
  • The computer enhanced our productivity.


v. to make easier; to ease the progress of
adv. facilitative
syn. assist

  • His careful planning facilitated the completion of the project.
  • Good teaching strategies facilitate student learning.


adj. nonstop, continual, or never-ending
adv. incessantly syn. constant

  • The woman’s incessant talking disturbed everyone watching the movie.
  • The dogs’ incessant barking kept the whole neighborhood up all night.

in conjunction with

prep. in addition to, alongside
syn. along with

  • Exercise, in conjunction with a nourishing diet, contributes to a healthy lifestyle.
  • The architects planned the building in conjunction with the engineers.


v. to interest greatly
adj. intriguing syn. fascinate
adv. intriguingly
n. intrigue

  • He was intrigued by the acclaim that he received.
  • The intriguing question baffled historians.


v. to prevent movement, progress, or success
n. obstruction
syn. block
adj. obstructive
adv. obstructively

  • Just after the storm, downed trees obstructed many roads in the community.
  • A huge building obstructed the ocean view from the apartment.


v. to change a belief or behavior by argument or reason
adv. persuasively syn. convince
adj. persuasive
n. persuasion

  • They couldn’t persuade their critics to see their point of view.
  • John presented a persuasive argument for his salary increase.


n. a repayment or reward for a deed
adv. recompensable
syn. compensation
v. recompense

  • The knight received gold as recompense for saving the kingdom.
  • His boss assured him that he’d be recompensed for his extra efforts.


v. to throw off naturally; to give out
syn. discard

  • In order to grow, crabs must shed their shells.
  • The experiments shed no new information on the cause of the disease.


adj. to be the only one of a kind; special
adv. uniquely
syn. rare
n. uniqueness

  • He was presented with a unique opportunity to attend the conference.
  • His style of writing is uniquely his own.


adj. to be complementary or appropriate; a good match
syn. compatible

  • The design of the house is well-suited to its surroundings.
  • The experienced principal was well-suited for the job of superintendent of schools.

work out

v. to end or cause to end successfully; to develop
syn. solve

  • Their ambitious plan will likely work out.
  • The two groups worked out a compromise that benefited them both.