Essential Words For TOEFL


account for

ph. v. to take something into consideration; to provide reasons for an event
syn. explain

  • He did not account for Earth’s gravity in his physics calculations.
  • Her intense studying accounts for her excellent grades.


adj. careful and exact
adv. accurately
syn. precise
n. accuracy

  • She was able to make accurate observations with the new telescope.
  • Experiments must be conducted with accuracy.


adj. having a sudden consequence or severe
adv. acutely effect
n. acuteness
syn. intense

  • The president was acutely aware of the fact that her decision would be unpopular.
  • He was suffering from an acute headache.


v. to place into groups according to type
adj. classified
syn. arrange
n. classification

  • Biologists classify life forms into many phylla.
  • The library’s catalog is a classification of books in the library.


n. monetary unit; cash
syn. money

  • Most purchases in foreign countries must be made in the local currency.
  • The Japanese currency is gaining strength against the dollar.


adj. closely packed or crowded; difficult to see through
adv. densely
syn. thick
n. density

  • The boating accident was caused by the dense fog.
  • Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated cities in the world.


adj. not bright or clear
adv. dimly
syn. faint
v. dim
n. dimness

  • The light was too dim for studying.
  • The stars dimly lit the evening sky.


v. to show; reveal
n. display
syn. exhibit

  • The model displayed the details of the human hand.
  • The candidate’s display of anger was unfortunate.


n. products sold abroad
adj. exported
syn. foreign sales
v. export

  • The United States’ imports now exceed its exports.
  • Exported goods are usually high in quality.


adj. very large
adv. gigantically
syn. enormous

  • Reaching the moon was a gigantic step in space exploration for mankind.New methods
  • of farming offer gigantic advantages over the old methods.


adj. causing admiration because of an object’s importance, size, or quality
adv. impressively
syn. imposing
v. impress
n. impression

  • Lincoln’s power of persuasion was impressive.
  • Everyone left with a good impression of the play.


v. to set up or create an office; to place in a fixed position
n. installation
syn. establish
n. installer

  • The software we needed was already installed on the computer.
  • Antonia was installed as president of the art club last week.


n. language specific to a profession or activity
adj. jargony
syn. terminology

  • The legal jargon in the contract was confusing.
  • Science fiction jargon used in television shows and movies often comes from real science.


v. to fill or occupy to the maximum level
n. saturation
syn. overflow
adj. saturated

  • In order to paint, you must saturate a brush with a hue of your choice.
  • In order to obtain food, the sponge saturates itself with sea water.


adj. easy to understand; simple; honest
adv. straightforwardly
syn. uncomplicated
n. straightforwardness

  • The assembly directions were straightforward.
  • His straightforward approach to his business dealings earned him respect.


adj. every part being the same
adv. uniformly
syn. consistent
n. uniformity

  • Bread has a uniform texture.
  • The grades on the test were uniformly poor.


adj. lively; powerful; full of action; bright
adv. vibrantly
syn. brilliant
n. vibrance

  • His vibrant personality made him well liked by everyone.
  • The vibrance of the city is attractive to many individuals.