Essentials of English Grammar A Quick Guide To Good English

Essentials of English Grammar A Quick Guide To Good English PDF

Essentials Of English Grammar: A Quick Guide To Good English aims to help its readers understand and adhere to all the rules of good grammar. This book serves as a quick reference for those who have questions regarding grammar and it is useful for people who want to brush up on their English language basics. It covers the updated stylistic conventions of English and features a glossary of grammar terms. The examples in the book are easy to follow and they guide the reader through different rules of grammar.

Essentials Of English Grammar A Quick Guide To Good English tells its readers how to use punctuation, explains several frequently-confused words and goes over spelling and capitalisation, among other things. It also contains various tips which are meant to enable readers to improve their writing style.

This reference book on the English language is indispensable and easy to use. Readers will find information on common errors that people make when they use verb tenses, the parts of speech and their functions, style and correct usage of punctuation, correct usage of numbers, abbreviation and capitalisation and the things to keep in mind when using prepositions.

It also throws light on how to make effective and precise sentences, including salutations and titles. Essentials Of English Grammar was written by L Sue Baugh and was published in its third edition in paperback format by McGraw-Hill Contemporary in 2005.