Everybody Up Starter Student Book

The Everybody Up Stater Student book is for elementary kindergarten students when they first start learning English. The book has many pictures and is easy to understand and learn. It is the first book of the Everybody Up Series.

Everybody Up Starter (Student Book)

By relating English to everyday experiences, Everybody Up inspires kids to use language in a meaningful and natural way. Lessons that connect English to other subjects in the classroom are colorful and engaging. Life principles like kindness and politeness can be learned via humorous stories. Kids are encouraged to practice their English even at home thanks to catchy tunes and the unique Everybody Up Friends!

Everybody Up motivates children to learn by linking the English classroom to the wider world. The more links you make, the more children are likely to remember. It’s the way they naturally learn.

Links to other school subjects

Colorful cross-curricular lessons at the end of every unit provide a practical link to other school subjects. Learning content through English is meaningful and inspiring to children.

Links to values and real life

Real-life stories teach important life lessons such as being helpful. Values and good citizenship will please parents and help teachers with classroom management.

Links between school and home

A special Everybody Up Friend in each lesson provides children with language they can take home and demonstrate to their parents. Plus, the songs are so catchy they will want to practice them at home.

Links with students around the world

Join our Global Sing-along and sing along with children in other countries! The songs in Everybody Up are written by award-winning songwriters, each with a different style. There’s something for everyone.

Links to standardized English tests

Everybody Up helps prepare children for standardized tests, such as the Cambridge YLE tests, through the Test Center CD-ROM and the skills focus in Levels 5 and 6.

Book Features

  • Children connect with the Everybody Up Friends, who motivate them to speak English.
  • Colorful cross-curricular lessons in every unit provide practical links to other school subjects such as math, science, and art.
  • Great songs by award-winning songwriters keep children practicing English – even at home.
  • Fun stories from real-life highlight universal values such as being kind and polite.
  • Skills focus in levels 5 and 6 prepares children for standardized tests such as the
  • Cambridge YLE tests. Read more about the Cambridge YLE practice tests in Everybody Up.

Everybody Up Series

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