Excel VBA and Macros with MrExcel

If you are holding this booklet, you love Excel. You use Excel every work day for a variety of tasks, and you want to take your Excel skills to the next level by adding some VBA macros to your skill set. This is an excellent move.

Excel VBA enables you to automate mundane processes. Whether you want some code to produce a report for every department from a data set, or simply want a quick routine to make an ugly 40-minute process disappear into a few button clicks, Excel VBA is up to the task.

Unfortunately, the Excel Macro recorder often fails to deliver usable code. To succeed, you need to learn five critical concepts. You can then combine these concepts with recorded code to produce stellar results.

The lessons on this DVD come directly from the current version of my Power Macros seminar. My assumption is that you already use Excel 20–40 hours per week. You might have taken a class in BASIC or COBOL somewhere along the way, although this is not a prerequisite. You’ve also probably turned on the macro recorder and had varying degrees of frustration with it. If that sounds like you, I can get you up to speed with writing your own macros.

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