What Teachers Really Need to Know About Formative Assessment

Take the formative assessment from theory to practice and from practice to genuine learning improvement with this book.

What Teachers Really Need to Know About Formative Assessment:

What does formative assessment look like, and when should I use it? What kind of planning does it require, and what kinds of data does it generate? How will formative assessment improve my teaching and help my students succeed in a standards-based environment? How does it relate to my application of multiple intelligences theory, to differentiated instruction, and to everything else I’m already doing in my classroom?

In this volume, author Laura Greenstein has gathered what you really need to know in order to make formative assessment a seamless part of your everyday practice. Emphasizing formative assessment application in secondary schools but applicable to teachers of all grade levels and all subject areas, this book provides.

  • Straightforward answers to teachers’ most frequently asked questions.
  • Dozens of strategies for measuring student understanding and diagnosing learning needs before, during, and after instruction.
  • Illustrations of formative assessment across the content areas, from math to language arts to science to social studies to health and physical education.
  • Guidance on making data-informed instructional adjustments.
  • Sample templates for organizing assessment data to track both whole-class and individual progress toward identified goals.
  • Case studies to illustrate effective and ineffective formative assessment and deepen your understanding,.

If you’re looking to take a formative assessment from theory to practice—and from practice to genuine learning improvement—this is the place to begin.

Table of contents :

Preface……Page 7
Introduction……Page 10
Part 1 Building Foundations……Page 22
The Fundamentals of Formative Assessment……Page 24
Questions and Answers About Formative Assessment……Page 36
Part 2 UsingFormative Assessment……Page 44
Formative Assessment Prior to Instruction……Page 47
Formative Assessment During Instruction……Page 74
Formative Assessment After Instruction……Page 111
Part 3 Making Connections and Furthering Change……Page 140
Improving Teaching and Learning Through Formative Assessment……Page 142
Balancing Assessment Practices……Page 161
Appendix A……Page 178
Appendix B……Page 181
References……Page 191
Acknowledgments……Page 196
Index……Page 197
About the Author……Page 203
Search this Book……Page 0

What Teachers Really Need to Know About Formative Assessment

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