Get Ready for IELTS Speaking (PDF + Audio)

Get Ready for IELTS Speaking book comes in a PDF form with Audio. The book is a guide for the IELTS speaking exam, that will make you get your desired mark. You can also see IELTS Speaking Actual Tests 2020 for the IELTS speaking practice.

Get Ready for IELTS Speaking (PDF + Audio)

Dear friends, besides the IELTS kit that anyone who prepares for the IELTS exam needs is Cambridge IELTS and Collins for IELTS, an equally important set of documents to help you prepare a great IELTS baggage. value, it’s Get ready for IELTS

Get Ready For IELTS is a fairly new IELTS test preparation material, content is quite updated and is an ideal choice for students who are new to IELTS and study at home without taking extra classes.

The 4 books in the series focus on the 4 skills of the IELTS, with 12 lessons categorized very carefully and thoroughly for intermediate level learners who can easily learn and can learn by themselves. illustrated by very clear examples. Key grammar and vocabulary sections are provided for each lesson. Hints, tips for doing quick exercises for regular test types will be given for each lesson.

In addition, in each lesson section, it also clarifies common mistakes for IELTS test-takers when taking real exams.
4 Review tests are exercises that will help you retest your knowledge and help you truly understand the language skills and perception of the IELTS test. There are enough exercises to practice and an answer provided after each section.

In particular, a vocabulary bank for each exercise will also be provided at the end of each book. This book has really fulfilled the aspirations and wishes of many of you who are able to self-study from band 4 up to higher scores.

This was our IELTS Book for today. I hope that you are going to get the best out of it. I wish you all the best. Good Luck!

Get Ready for IELTS Speaking

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