Get Ready for Starters 2018 (PDF+Audio)

Get Ready for Starters covers all the grammar, vocabulary, and task types for the level A1 exam. Maximize chances of exam success with getting ready for Flyers.

Get ready for Flyers provides motivating and comprehensive preparation for the Cambridge Young Learners Flyers Test. A perfect partner to a course book, it provides supplementary practice for use in class or at home and will enable students to sit the test confidently.

Get Ready for Starters 2nd Edition 2018 (PDF+Audio)

The Get ready for… series prepares students for the Cambridge English Qualifications for Young Learners exams by covering all of the necessary grammar, skills, and vocabulary. The course includes exam-style practice questions and mock tests at the end of each unit so that students know what to expect and can confidently take the test.

The course’s fun and engaging nature is one of the reasons Get ready for… has proven so popular. Students are engaged by a wide range of activity types, and optional activities and games in the Teacher’s Book allow for varied and inspiring lessons.

Prepare for… With its clear and concise teaching notes, tips, and advice on how to teach exam preparation, and new Classroom Presentation Tool that displays content on the screen with embedded audio, has been designed to assist busy teachers.

Book Features

  • Thorough preparation for Cambridge English Qualifications for Young Learners exams.
  • It supplements any course book and is ideal for use in class or at home.
  • Full support for teachers with advice on preparing learners for the test.
  • Classroom Presentation Tool puts Student’s Book on screen for more interactive teaching.
  • Audio content with the Student’s Book allows learners to practice at home.

Get Ready for Starters 2018


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