GMAT Official Guide 2022 Bundle

Take the GMAT exam from the official exams provider with confidence, armed with GMAT Official Guide 2022 Bundle, and achieve a top score.

GMAT Official Guide 2022

If you’re really serious about GMAT prep, then this bundle is for you. With over 1,900 over 1,900 real GMAT™ practice questions PLUS the GMAT™ online prep tools you can feel confident that your prep will help you improve your test score.

Get all three guides in one bundle for the best value and save your money over buying each guide individually. This bundle contains:

  1. GMAT™ Official Guide.
  2. Verbal and Quantitative Review.
  3. The official resource of real GMAT™ questions from past exams.

Get the updated edition of the GMAT™ Official Guide, with all new practice tests. This is more than a sample test – it’s an actual exam with all the difficulty and format you’ll see on your big day.

You’ll get access to over 1,900 real GMAT™ questions the same ones that appear in the actual test, PLUS the online tools to get the best value out of this course.

With the GMAT Official Guide Bundle, you can learn everything you need to know about the paper-based and computer-based versions of the GMAT™ exam.

In each book, all practice questions are from past GMAT™ exams and organized from easiest to hardest so that you can build upon your knowledge.

Study answer explanations to understand the reasoning behind the answers to help improve your performance. Plus, gain an overview of the GMAT™ exam to become familiar with the content, structure, and format. You’ll feel confident and ready for test day!

Study The GMAT Test with the Official Guide Bundle 2022

The GMAT™ Official Guide Bundle 2022 provides 3 ways to study:

1- Books: Know what to expect on the GMAT™ exam

  • Boost your studying using all three books: the main Official Guide, Verbal Review and Quantitative Review.
  • Learn the exam structure: Start with the introductory verbal and quantitative review chapters each followed by 25 practice questions in the main Official Guide.
  • Review common quantitative formulas and concepts using quantitative quick reference sheets.
  • Master verbal and quantitative reasoning with over 1,900 practice questions organized by difficulty level.
  • Study the reasoning behind the answers reviewing detailed answer explanations for each practice question.

2- GMAT™ Online Prep Tools: Focus your Studying – Bonus: included with purchase!

  • Take our Diagnostic Evaluation to discover your strengths and focus areas.
  • Practice online with the same questions from all three books PLUS 174 additional online-exclusive questions.
  • Create custom practice sets by difficulty level and by fundamental skill from each book.
  • Track your progress using performance metrics.
  • Prepare for exam day by timing your practicing in exam mode.
  • Test your knowledge of key concepts with flashcards.

3- Mobile App: Your GMAT™ test prep on the go

  • Study offline after downloading the question sets from each book.
  • Sync between devices. Start on your phone, finish on your computer

If you are looking for a great deal on GMAT™ study materials? Look no further. The Official Guide 2022 Bundle gives you three essential GMAT™ books to help you prepare for the exam, at almost half the price of buying them separately.

Get all the tools you need to confidently prepare for test day in one deal!  

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