Grammar and Vocabulary for kids

Grammar and Vocabulary for kids is a colorful, up-to-date and easy to use, the ELI Vocabulary in pictures is the ideal tool for learning or revising basic English vocabulary.

Book Featured

  • 45 attractive thematic situations with delightful illustrations.
  • More than 1000 words: nouns, adjectives, verbs, and prepositions.
  • A complete alphabetical index of the words.
  • Audio recordings of all words and digital activities for each situation downloadable online.

Grammar and Vocabulary for kids Content

With the Grammar and Vocabulary for kids in Pictures, learning English is simple and enjoyable.

1 The Collins Family

2 In the classroom

3 The Maths lesson

4 Let’s paint

5 The Science lesson

6 The Music lesson

7 In the playground

8 School dinners

9 From head to toe

10 The P.E. lesson

11 Sport

12 In town

13 At home

14 In the living room

15 In the kitchen

16 In the bathroom

17 In the bedroom

18 Get dressed!

19 Shopping

20 At the market

21 What time Is it?

22 Animal world

23 My favourite Job

24 Happy birthday!

25 A fancy-dress party

26 Means of transport

27 Have a good trip!

28 On the farm

29 On the campsite

30 At the seaside

31 In the mountains

32 In the country

33 What day is it today?

34 Adjectives

35 Actions

36 Actions

Grammar and Vocabulary for kids


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