Grammar Essentials For Dummies PDF

Grammar Essentials For Dummies pdf will show you the tricks of the grammar trade, the strategies that help you make the right decision when you’re facing such grammatical dilemmas as the choice between I and me or was and were.

It explains what you need to do in such situations, and I also tell you why a particular word is correct or incorrect. You don’t have to memorize a list of meaningless rules (with the exception of some points from the punctuation chapter) because when you understand the reason for a particular choice, you’ll pick the correct word automatically.

Grammar Essentials For Dummies PDF Download

I concentrate on what English teachers call the common errors. You don’t have to read this book in order, and you don’t have to read the whole thing. Just browse through the table of contents and look for things that you often get wrong. Or start with Chapter 1, which outlines the usage issues voted “most likely to succeed” — in giving you a headache. When you recognize something that nags you every time you write, jump to the chapter where I explain how to handle it like a pro.

Conventions Used in This Book

When I introduce a term or concept that may be unfamiliar to you, I italicize it so you know I’m aware that jargon is at hand. I quickly follow it up with an explanation or definition so you can continue on with the topic.