Great American Stories

The Great American Stories is adapted American short stories by classic American authors are both graded and progressive. Exercises in comprehension, reading skills, vocabulary, discussion, word-forms, language activity, and writing reinforce each story.

Short biographies of the authors precede each story and are part of the exercises. Ideal for pleasure reading, discussions, vocabulary, and writing practice development.

Great American Stories

This book starts at the beginning-intermediate level. It ends at the intermediate level. The first story in the book will be easy for you. The vocabulary list for the first four stories has 600 words. The list for the last four stories has 1,000 words. The longest sentences in the first story have 10 words. In the last stories, they have 18 words. There is new grammar in each story.

By working on this book, you will improve your:

  • reading,
  • speaking and discussion,
  • vocabulary,
  • knowledge of word forms,
  • writing.

These stories were written many years ago by eight of America’s most famous writers. You will read about the writers’ lives before you read their stories. Special exercises will introduce you to the world of each story before you read it. And after each story, you will find:

  • 2 reading exercises,
  • 2 vocabulary and word form exercises,
  • 2 discussion and language activity exercises,
  • 1 writing exercise.

Good luck and good reading!