How to master skills for the TOEFL iBT Reading Intermediate

How to Master Skills for the TOEFL iBT Reading Intermediate is one of the best books, that are going to help you to prepare for the TOEFL ibt reading test.

How to master skills for the TOEFL iBT Reading Intermediate

How to Master Skills for the TOEFL iBT Reading Intermediate is designed to be used either as a textbook for a TOEFL iBT reading preparation course or as a tool for individual learners who are preparing for the test on their own.

With a total of 10 units, this book is organized to prepare students for the test with a comprehensive understanding of the test and a thorough analysis of every question type. Each unit provides a step-by-step program that includes question-solving strategies and the development of test-taking abilities.

Special Features:

  • Intensive practice of all the question types on the TOEFL iBT.
  • Graded reading passages with various topics that frequently appear on the TOEFL® iBT.
  • Glossed vocabulary to help students understand the passages better.
  • Graphic organizers to show the structures of the passages.
  • To-the-point practice to build summary skills.
  • Ten mini-tests and one complete test that familiarize students with the actual test format.
  • Vocabulary exercises and lists to help students expand their vocabulary.
  • Full answer key.


  • Introduction
  • How to Use This Book
  • PART 1  Basic Comprehension 
  • Unit 1: Vocabulary (Biography / Sociology / Literature / Biology)
  • Unit 2: Reference (Animals / Weather / Environment / Science)
  • Unit 3: Factual Information (Journalism / Health Science / Government / Culture)
  • Unit 4: Negative Facts (Biology / Psychology / Weather / Technology)
  • Unit 5: Sentence Simplification (Law / Biology / Health Science / Economics)
  • PART 2  Making Inferences
  • Unit 6: Rhetorical Purpose (Astronomy / History / Zoology / Physics)
  • Unit 7: Inference (Biology / Music / History / Geology)
  • Unit 8: Insert Text (Culture / Astronomy / Literature / Chemistry)
  • PART 3  Reading to Learn
  • Unit 9: Prose Summary (Biology / Psychology / Art / Geography)
  • Unit 10: Fill in a Table (Science / Sociology / Economics / History)

Vocabulary Wrap-up
Actual Test
Answer Book

The TOEFL iBT Reading Intermediate skill builder teaches you strategies for dealing with all types of reading passages found on the TOEFL. The book begins with an introduction to the TOEFL Section 2, and then covers all of the skills necessary for successful completion of the extended response questions, including: Identifying Purpose Comprehension Making Inferences Factual Inference Inference from Text StructureHow to master skills for the TOEFL iBT Reading Intermediate

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