How To Pass The IELTS Writing

How To Pass The IELTS Writing book will help you to raise your IELTS writing scores.  The book was written by a former IELTS examiner. This book will help you to pass the IELTS writing test for sure.

How To Pass The IELTS Writing PDF

This book is designed to help IELTS candidates raise their IELTS writing scores by an entire band, enabling them to get the mark they require for their future life. This document has been put together by a former IELTS Writing Examiner who has experience of marking many thousands of IELTS writing tests and has been thereby able to identify the simple errors which the majority of candidates make again and again.

About the Book

This is a brief, concise IELTS document set with full sharing of IELTS Writing Task 1 and 2 sections including both Academic and General examinations, with detailed explanations of all Posts. At the same time, each section will analyze the exam, requirements, and information that need attention. Each section will have easy-to-understand examples so that you can easily grasp questions and refer to examples, related samples.

The collection is only 36 pages long but has many good samples for each task and each band score for easy reference. Besides explaining each section of the test, for example, the sample paper, the booklet also helps you learn the small but useful tips to pass the test in each section. Each review band is guided by each appropriate tip, to help you apply it more optimally.

Book Content


2. How to Answer Part 1 of the Academic Writing Module.

3. How to Answer Part 1 of the General Training Test.

4. How to Pass Writing Part 2.

After finishing reading this book you will be in a strong position to prepare yourself to succeed in the IELTS Writing exam. Good Luck!

How To Pass The IELTS Writing

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