How to Teach English with Technology pdf

If you are looking for a practical guide for teachers who wish to use new technology in the classroom, you should check the How to Teach English with Technology book.

How to Teach English with Technology

How to Teach English with Technology pdf is the most up-to-date practical guide for teachers who wish to use new technology in the classroom. It looks at current applications but also helps you prepare for the future.
Level: All practicing language teachers.

About The Book

How to Teach English with Technology has been written for teachers, teacher trainers, course designers and directors of studies involved in teaching English as a foreign language, although it will also be very useful for those involved in the teaching of other languages.

The book is for those who have little or no experience of ICT tools or how to use them in the classroom, and also for those with more experience in the application of ICT to teaching, who will find fresh ideas for using ICT tools, as well as references to new developments in the field.

Teacher trainers and directors of studies may take the contents of the book as a guide to areas to cover in implementing ICT training with their trainees or staff.

The book is organised into 12 chapters, with Thsk Files at the end of the book for each chapter, and covers a very broad range of technological applications, from using a word processor to looking at Second Life.

The websites referred to in the book were all live at the time of going to press, but remember that websites do disappear, and links do break.

We have tried to counter this by only choosing reliable websites that are likely to have a long ‘shelf life’, both for the book, and in the extensive Webliography, which is on the CD-ROM at the back of this book.


  • Technology in the Classroom.
  • Word processors in the classroom.
  • Using websites.
  • Internet-based project work.
  • How to use email.
  • How to use the chat.
  • Blogs, wikis and podcasts.
  • Online reference tools.
  • Technology-based courseware.
  • Producing electronic materials.
  • e-learning: online teaching and learning.
  • Preparing for the Future.
  • Task File.
  • Glossary.

How to Teach English with Technology:

How to Teach English with Technology by Gavin Dudeney and Nicky Hockly offers a clear, comprehensive, confidence-building introduction to the use of technology in the language classroom.

  • The complete How to… for making the most of using digital technology in your classroom.
  • Practical advice on how to use the Internet, email, podcasts, interactive whiteboards etc. including how to structure lessons and assess learning.
  • Tutorial CD-ROM with guided examples and step-by-step instructions on blogs, Webquest creation, Skype and more.
  • Advice on how to keep up to date with new technologies.

In the end, the How to series are generally well written, but the quality of interest differs. If you love reading about technology in education, you will like it. For me, it is just a coursebook. Just a sourcebook. I wish you that you are going to find it helpful.

How to Teach English with Technology pdf


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