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How to Teach English  PDF  is one of the best English teaching books  that help teachers to improve their teaching English skills. This book will guide you to be a professional English teaching teacher.

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Teaching is not only a profession but also an art. A good teacher is he who performs well. It has become a form of acting. A good teacher should be a good actor, especially when it is a matter of teaching a language. This task has become challenging as well as rewarding. Here are some practical suggestions for the teachers of languages.


  • This is an introduction How to the teaching of English. Its emphasis is on practical issues and it is appropriate for self-study and for use with classes of trainee teachers. The early chapters address such issues as How can we be good teachers?, What makes a good learner? and how can teachers make classes better?.
  • The book suggests a way of looking at a variety of teaching methods according to a single model of teaching and goes on to offer a concise theoretical guide to the description of language. Subsequent chapters look at specific teaching methods, particularly in relation to the four skills, as well as offering ideas on textbook use, lesson planning and coping with the unexpected. For each chapter, a range of tasks is provided to stimulate debate and further thought.

How to Teach English Review:

If you are someone with a ton of experience teaching English and you are looking to improve your craft, this is NOT the book for you.

If you are a student hoping to be a teacher one day or a teacher who has just started, this book could be a great read for you. As the synopsis tells you, it gives practical introductory information within a clear theoretical framework. A ton of things are discussed in short, easy to read sections. The author only talks about the important bits, there is no useless information in this one. Some things you might already know, how could you not after studying to get your degree? But nonetheless, everything is important and it never hurts to refresh things.

If you are a new teacher and you are looking for a book that globally discusses all the important things of teaching English, pick this one up.

How to Teach English PDF

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